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Vistaapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan …

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 16, 2007

Vistaapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan


Demonstration at Jantar Mantar Against POSCO Displacement in Jagatsinghpur, Orissa



All are invited to participate in the protest against the cold and calculated build up of state repression on the people of Jagatsinghpur in Orissa.



·          Prevent another Nandigram at Jagatsinghpur


·           The paramilitary deployment in this area should be immediately removed.


·          Conditions favourable for hearing the villagers' concerns are immediately created by removing paramilitary forces and police from the vicinity of the project area.


·          An immediate announcement should be made that no project will be located in those villages against the wishes of the local people.


·           A democratic process is initiated for a healthy debate on the path of development to be followed in India.



Jantar Mantar


At 11 A.M.

17th April (Tuesday) 2007.


Rabi Ray, former Speaker, Lok Sabha

Kuldip Nayar, Former Rajya Sabha Member

Prafulla Samant Ray, B D Sharma, Rakesh Rafiq, G N Saibaba, and others will take part.



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