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State Terror Cannot be Challenged and Defeated …

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 25, 2007

State Terror Cannot be Challenged and Defeated Through Anarchist Actions: CPI-ML Kanu Sanyal

the CPI(Maoist) action on 15th March at Rani Bodili in Dantewada district fully exposes its anarchist line and calls for severe condemnation. Instead of exposing, challenging and defeating the state terror by mobilising the masses, it is totally counter-productive as it has given further excuse for deploying 8000 more para-military forces in Bastar district alone to intensify the state terror.

We have repeatedly pointed out how the ‘Maoists” (who bring bad name to Mao Tsetung by calling their Lin Biaoist line as Maoism) even after their more than two decades of presence in Bastar districts have failed to organise the adivasis and others in the region in democratic mass organisations and to politicalise them. Their squads like the state forces are also working as overlords negating the Mao’s concept that “it is the people, people alone who create history”. In spite of claiming to enjoy immense mass support, they could never prove it as they are boycotting all other forms of struggles including parliamentary ones, sticking to squad actions as the only forms of struggle. It is by utilising this situation the reactionary state deployed large contingents of para-military forces who are terrorising the people. Besides Salwa Judum was launched with the collaboration of BJP and Congress activists with the state forces to make the adivasis to fight each other. CPI(ML) Chhattisgarh committee has played leading role in criticising these state policies and mobilising public opinion against it. At the same time it had repeatedly called on the ‘Maoists’ to pursue mass line and to mobilise the masses for anti-state struggles.

This is a time when the peasantry and other sections of people in the seven villages of neighbouring Rajnandgaon district have formed Kisan Morcha and is waging successful mass resistance to the SEZ imposed there threatening to deprive their agricultural land to them. This resistance has spread to Dagori area in Bilaspur district also where another SEZ is notified. People are even boycotting the leaders of BJP and Congress and all those who support the SEZ. It is at a time when such a people’s upsurge is taking place and when CPI(ML) along with democratic forces are playing leading role in it, the ‘Maoists’ have indulged in this anarchist action.

As a result along with thousands of para-military forces, even military specialists and helicopters are deployed in the region. This brutal state force in the name of taking revenge has launched a ‘kill all, rape all, loot everything’ campaign. The mariya tribe which allegedly helped the ‘Maoists’ are especially targeted for oppression. The killing of 39 SPOs who were tribal youth recruited for Salwa Judum under duress is utilised to make the adivasis to fight each other. As a result thousands of adivasi families are fleeing the area to neighbouring AP, Maharashtra districts. The ‘Maoists’ action neither reduced state terror nor benefitted the people. It has only intensified the misery of the masses.

Besides it is used by the state as a pretext to attack the anti-SEZs movement which has taken the form of mass resistance, the peasant movement for land, the trade union movement and all democratic forces. In Rajnandgaon where CPI(ML) is supporting a Kisan Morcha candidate with anti-SEZ manifesto in the by-election to the Lok Sabha seat, the reactionary forces are bracketing CPI(ML) with ‘Maoists’ and attacking the comrades engaged in the campaign. The monopoly media which continue to write on the ‘Maoists’ action refuse to report how the state terror is intensified many times in its name. Besides, the CPI(M) leaders who are spreading the blatant lie that Nandigram massacre took place due to involvement of ‘Maoists’, are utilising the ‘Maoist’ action in Chhattisgarh as a cover to repeat their blatant lies.

In this situation, the CPI(Maoist) action should be severely criticised and it should be asked to stop this anarchist line by all communist revolutionary and democratic forces. At the same time people should be mobilised against the escalation of state terror in the name of suppressing the ‘Maoists’.



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