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Drive to empower girls in Bihar’s Naxal-infested Gaya

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 7, 2007

Gaya (Bihar), May 7(ANI): A special educational and vocational training programme has been launched for young girls in Bihar’s Gaya District.

The integrated training programme launched in the Naxal-affected Gaya District seeks to empower girls in education, vocational skills and physical safety. In the first such drive, 45 young girls were trained for eight months in various skills, which would enable them to earn a livelihood once they are out of school.

The girls are selected from various Naxal-infested villages and then trained by volunteers according to their background and education. “The main aim of this programme is to empower women, and teenaged girls. We want to empower them socially, physically…in every way,” said Parveen Khatoon, a teacher.

All girls here are given ample opportunity to learn various skills, pursue their hobbies, and even take up outdoor sports like football and hockey. Some of the girls are even trying their hands in journalism.

“We prepare news for newspaper in a group. And our entire group gets the by-line. We write about our activities throughout the week… what all did we do and learn,” said Soni Kumar, a student.

“I have learnt making sculptures and bangles. I learnt karate and football at this camp,” said Zubeida Khatoon, another student. Initially, there were only few girls enrolled in the programme, but as the training progressed, more and more parents started sending their girls for vocational training.



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