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Row over Dr Binayak Sen’s arrest

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 21, 2007

Police allege that Dr Binayak Sen has strong links to Naxals
The controversy surrounding PUCL leader Dr Binayak Sen rages on. On Saturday (May 19), police raided the eminent doctor’s residence and claimed to have found documents which show strong links to Naxals – an accusation that his wife and party colleagues vehemently deny.

“We have found out everything that is connected with the crime. I am satisfied with this procedure,” said BBS Rajput, Investigative Officer, Raipur Police

This is an accusation which Sen’s wife rubbishes. “There are several documents at our house. We go to several places, meetings, and seminars and there are documents related to various political issues,” she said.

Sen has been at the forefront of tribal welfare activities and has crossed paths with the state administration on various issues including his opposition to the anti-Naxal campaign.

“We will make an application for bail in the sessions court and we have arranged for 3-4 lawyers to take up Dr Sen’s case,” said Rajendra Sayal, President, People’s Union for Civil Liberties.

Human rights groups are garnering support to take up Dr. Sen’s case amidst fears that the police could target him just because he decided to help tribals



One Response to “Row over Dr Binayak Sen’s arrest”

  1. anu said

    plz. don’t do reports like burgoie press. there were a strong false propoganda by state to show the arresting of Dr. binayak as real. all cases are false. plz updates your reporting. try to get information from PUCL chhatishgarh’s secretery shri Rajendra sail.
    there are going strong resistence against this in all over the country.

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