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Khairlanji anniversary

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 14, 2007

NAGPUR: The approaching anniversary of the Khairlanji incident on September 29 will be under the scanner of the city police department.

The city police department, which is busy with the security arrangements during the forthcoming Ganpati festival, will have a tough task on hand as the anniversary day draws near, towards the end of this month. Several city-based dalit and pro-dalit organizations resorted to violent agitation, protesting and demanding justice for victim Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange, who lost four of his family members in a brutal bloodbath at Khairlanji village in Bhandara.

Snowballing in the districts, the issue was ignited by the dalits and pro-dalit organizations all over the state including Nagpur, which was gripped by widespread tension. Targeting government establishments, transport and installations, the protest turned violent. Though it was well suppressed by the swarming army of police personnel under erstwhile city police chief SPS Yadav, palpable tension prevailed in the entire city, which was interspersed by erratic violence.

The involvement of Naxal frontal organizations in fanning the violence had also come to the fore during the Khairlanji protest. Taking cues from last year’s incident, several security and intelligence wings have already started keeping a vigil on the movement of the so-called frontal organizations. Reliable sources hinted that meetings of the various organisations and the reported frontal organisations have already started as preparation for a recall movement in and around the city.

Apart from city police and other security and intelligence agencies, the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) have been also become active to keep a watch on developments. Though city police chief Satya Pal Singh did not elaborate on the preparation of his department, he admitted that the issue would be ‘seriously taken into consideration’. “We are alert and will take all initiatives to ensure nothing flares up in the city,” said Singh.


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