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Economic blockade in Nandigram shocks Medha Patkar

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 19, 2007

MIDNAPORE, Sept. 18: Ms Medha Patkar, the firebrand environmentalist, was stunned to learn that the people of Nandigram have become the victims of economic blockade, allegedly engineered by the West Bengal government. Various developmental works in Nandigram I block have virtually come to a standstill in the aftermath of the carnage on 14 March.
“This vindictive measure has been roped in by the ruling party, unheard of anywhere, by any government in the continent, to teach a lesson to the Nandigram people for thwarting the land acquisition process to enable the Salims to set up a chemical hub,” Ms Patkar said.

After her return to Delhi, Ms Patkar would reveal the anti-people stand of the CPI-M government in the capital and bring it to the notice of the Centre.

Ms Patkar visited Nandigram on Monday to review the situation after the massacre and spoke to the leaders of the Bhuni Uchhed Pratirodh Committee who enlightened her about the details of the pitiable conditions of the villagers.
The public distribution system, the heath care system and rural electrification works have come to a halt.
Ms Patkar got definite proofs of the government’s indifference when she dropped in at the Maheshpur primary health centre and witnessed the inadequate health staff and the dearth of medicines .

The locals also complained to her that the authorities have not provided them with new ration cards.
They are not getting jobs under the national Rural Employment Guarantee Programme.

Ms Patkar told the reporters that she would launch an agitation if Nayachar is finally selected for the proposed chemical hub, as it would cause misery to the people by destroying the eco system in the region.


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