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"No forces on the earth will be able to stop the victory of the people" -Prachanda

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 19, 2007

September 30, 07: Gheaoing the District Election Offices throughout
During the Mass meet immediately the Maoists have unveiled their 19 day long protest programs. It follows:

September 19-21, 07: Campaign for creating awareness among the Masses for total proportional system.

September 22, 07: Demonstration and protest programs in front of the VDC’s and the Municipal offices throughout the country.

September 29-October 3, 07: Exposing the culprits of Janaandolan-II as outlined by the Rayamajhi Commission and the noted corrupts of the country.

October 4-6, 07: Nationwide Political Strike.

Speaking at the mass meet organized in the capital yesterday the Maoists deputy in command Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai said that his party will wage the struggle within the framework of the Peace agreements singed in the past with the government.

“If our peaceful protests programs are forcefully quelled by the government, we will thus be forced to retaliate with appropriate measures”, Dr. Bhattarai said.

He also rebuked the Elections Code of Conduct (CoC) that came into effect from yesterday and said that his party was not obliged to follow the CoC as forwarded by the Election Commission.

“The sovereignty of Nepal as a nation state has not been digested by the Indian establishment, it appears”, said Dr. Bhattarai who is otherwise considered to be a close chum of the said establishment.

“The Indian rulers are hell bent on weakening the Maoists”, said Bhattarai further.

Bhattarai also bluntly alleged that September 2, 07 bombings in Kathmandu were plotted by Crown Prince Paras and his cohorts.

The working alliance with the Seven Parties is nearing an end, we are not obliged to work with those who have been found carrying the burden of the already dead institution of monarchy, Bhattarai continued.

From the same platform, Ram Bahadur Thapa alias Badal, another high ranking Maoists’ leader, said that the party was in the final stage of achieving its goal.

“The foreigners and their stooges in the country were trying hard to keep Nepal as a yam between two boulders however, we will burst like a dynamite now”, threatened Badal.

“We have won the battle by quitting the government, the seven party coalition is thus a lost case”, declared Badal- who is considered as a hardliner in the Maoists’ camp.

According to Badal the transitional period has thus come to an end.

Yet another Maoists’ leader Mr. Dev Gurung said that the country has been already Bhutanized.

Source: Mail


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