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Maoists kill policeman, derail goods train in Chhattisgarh

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 3, 2007

Raipur (PTI): Naxalites on Sunday killed a policeman and seriously injured an officer in Chhattisgarh where they also caused derailment of an iron ore-laden train in Dantewada district.

The Maoists’ attacks came a day when they began celebrating People’s Guerrilla Army (PLA) week from today in memory of their comrades.

Armed with sharp weapons, a group of Maoists attacked two policemen in front of a police station in Dantewada district, about 550km from here, and killed a Head Constable and seriously wounded an Assistant Sub-Inspector, Dantewada police sources told PTI by phone.

The extremists also looted an AK-47 and a .303 rifles from the policemen, they said.

In the other incident, a goods train derailed when the Maoists removed a portion of the track near Kamalur in Bailadila iron ore mining area in Dantewada, police said. The derailment badly affected railway traffic.

Meanwhile, about 150 armed extremists stormed the Rokel market of Chhindgarh police station area of Dantewada district but there was no report of any casualty, they said.

As Maoists began celebrating their PLA week, police are expecting more attacks in the coming days.


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