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Naxal watch in Bangalore colleges

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 20, 2007

Sleuths visited famous St Josephs College to probe activities of a groupBANGALORE: After being a suspected breeding ground for terrorists, thetech city is in news again for being a hotbed of naxal sympathisers.

The Bangalore police have begun searching college campuses to track supporters of naxalites in the student community.

The state intelligence officials visited the famous St Josephs College and spent hours probing into activities of a group that recently gathered at the campus. The group, Karnataka Communal Harmony Group, which consists of intellectuals and activists, is suspected to be a sympathiser of naxalites in Karnataka, said an official on condition of anonymity.

The group came into existence three years ago when a suspected naxalite was killed in an encounter in rural south Karnataka. However, additional director of police (law & order) Shankar Bidari said that the probe revealed nothing. “Compared to other states, the influence
in Karnataka is very less,” he said.

But intelligence officials state otherwise. Though it is touted that the influence is limited to only four out of 28 districts in the state, they have established a stronghold in rural parts and are
gradually planning to expand into the cities.

According to police, the naxalites have visited Nandagudi, where farmers are protesting against a proposed special economic zone.

“Protests and poverty are the tools used by the naxalites to spread their area of activity. Their target is to obtain support from villagers migrating to the city and the student community who can be easily lured into their ideology,” an official said.

The previous coalition government of Karnataka had proposed talks with the naxalites to lay down weapons. However, the proposal did not come through.


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BANGALORE:Naxals recruiting slum youths

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 16, 2007

BANGALORE: From dense forests to the concrete jungle, Naxals have spread their network.

Anti-Terrorist Cell (ATC) sleuths have found that an organized wing of Naxals has been actively working in Bangalore. It’s involved in luring youths to join its new units — forest land committee (FLC) and plain land committee (PLC).

ATC officials say this new strategy has been successful in Bangalore where youths in urban slums have been targeted. Slum-dwellers are being promised the right over the property they live on.

In return, the youths will have to join the movement. This came to light when youths from some slums claimed ownership of the land though it belonged to someone else. It’s said that the youths were also promised land documents.

The police have identified four slums in Bangalore at Raja Gopal Nagar and J D Mara, where owners approached the police complaining against slum-dwellers.

“A person’s land has been encroached upon by hundreds of huts. This led us to the new trend,” said a police officer.

Several huts have come up in Raja Gopal Nagar on private land belonging to a businessman. When he asked the residents to remove the huts, he received threat calls. He was also manhandled by some residents and now, he is scared to go to his own land. Finally, he lodged a police complaint.

Based on the complaint, the police interrogated a few slum-dwellers and unearthed the influence of Naxal groups. “The Naxals have formed FLC and a PLC consisting of three and five members, respectively.

The prime task of PLC members is to provide manpower, logistics, mobilisation of resources and identification of youth to be recruited. The PLC will also provide basic training before they are recruited into FLCs. An FLC member will carry forward the movement deep in the forest,” the officer explained.

“Increased police vigil in the four slums has curbed unlawful activities, but we cannot drop our guard. It’s been learned that Naxal outfits have made several attempts to involve children from these slums. We need to clamp down on such activities before it extends to other parts of the city,” the officer added.

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Naxal Search in Bangalore Colleges

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 11, 2007

I am deeply disturbed at recent developments in the state of Karnataka, once known for its secular character, peace and cosmopolitan ambience. The state has seen a spurt in activities against the minorities, both Muslims and Christians. A local group recently met the National human Rights Commission and Union Home Minister Shiv Raj Patil in this context.

Now it transpires that even as they fail to curb anti-Christian terrorism, Karnataka State agencies are entering Christian educational institutions to probe links of Human rights groups with alleged Naxalite activity.

In a very controversial incident, intelligence agents came to the famous St Joseph’s College in Bangalore, among others, last Sunday. They hung around the college premises for more than four long hours. They were keen to know how the “Karnataka communal harmony” group made an entry into St. Joseph’s College premises. The group consisting of several activists, academicians and others meet in various parts of the state. The major colleges in the state capital – as is the practice in most metropolitan cities — routinely provide space for all progressive groups.

Intelligence groups insist that many such human rights and civil society groups sympathise with Naxalites and PWG. Angry college authorities have questioned this state action, and ask if giving space to human rights groups is against the government policies.

It is understood that Mr. Deve Gowda has been monitoring all NGOs in his home district of Hassan. Activists have been complaining that the social space is becoming limited in the State.

I strongly protest this and call upon civil society groups to take the matter up with the authorities in the state capital of Bangalore, as also in other states and with the Central Government.

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