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Press Statement Of CCOMPOSA July 19, 2004

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 20, 2007

Press Statement Of CCOMPOSA

The CCOMPOSA strongly condemns the growing interference of US imperialism in South Asia in collaboration with the respective governments of the region. They are particularly using the Indian expansionist rulers as their major tool in South Asia to suppress the people’s movements, particularly those led by the Maoists. This is part of the US’s aggressive designs worldwide, particularly its intervention and occupation of Iraq and Afganistan.

The US imperialist first declared the CPN (Maoist) as a ‘terrorist’ organization and then the MCCI and CPI (ML) (PW). This amounts to a gross interference and the internal affairs of the respective courtiers of South Asia. The Indian expansionists have been acting as a major tool to suppress these revolutionary struggles- whether by the earlier BJP government or the present Congress coalition government.

The new Congress government immediately after coming to power, within a week, sent its foreign minister to Nepal on a 3-day visit, where he barked ferociously against the Maoists. The government simultaneously gave two helicopters to Nepal, that were used in KargilRs. 3 cores of weapons and cash to suppress the Maoists. Also, in two major covert operations the new congress government arrested 11 leaders of the CPN (Maoists) in Patana, including 2 PBMs and 3 CCMs and in Warangal district of AP killed two comrades and seriously injured three, including the Warangal district secretary of the CPI (ML) (PW). Also, 5 comrades of the MCCI are still facing the death sentence and 3200 people have been arrested under POTA only in the Jharkhand region. war, plus over

We, the Maoists of South Asia strongly condemn these attacks and demand the unconditional release of all Nepalese comrades in Indian prisons including standing committee member, com. Kiran and, PBM com. Gaurav. We also demand the unconditional release of all political prisons in the respective countries of South Asia, and the committing of the death sentence on the 5 comrades. We also demand the repeal of POTA.

We warn that if the US imperialists and Indian expansionists persist in their anti-people policies in the region, the people of South Asia will rise in revolt against these reactionaries and their agents throughout the region.



standing committee

-Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA)

1)PBSP (CC) ] Bangladesh]

2)PBSP(MPK) [Bangladesh]

3)BSD(ML) [Bangladesh]

4)CPEB (M ) Red Flag [Bangladesh]

5)CPC (Maoist) [Srilanka]

6)MCCI (India)

7)CPI-ML (PW) [India]

8)CPI -ML (Naxalbari) [India]

9)RCCI (MLM) [ India]

10CPN (Maoist) [Nepal]

July 19, 2004


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Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 18, 2007

On the occasion of the 37th Anniversary of Naxalbari:

May 23 -29: One-Week Joint Campaign against State Repression in South Asia !

After the September 11 event in USA, many heads of states in the Third World countries including weak imperialists and expansionists have become de-facto US ambassadors following the policies of the USA in their respective countries. So when it rains in USA it expects respective governments to use umbrellas in their respective countries. The best proof of these phenomena is the circulation of directives sent by the UN to promulgate anti-terrorist laws in the name of curbing terrorism in their respective countries under pressure of the USA. As a result promulgation of repressive measures such as POTA in India, TADA in Nepal and other similar measures in the rest of the countries in South Asia have come into existence after the September 11 episode. In fact the so-called right of pre-emptive strike by the USA on suspected countries which pose a threat to US interests seem to have encouraged the respective repressive governments all over the world to resort to pre-emptive raids, arrests, tortures, executions, ‘encounter killings’ etc against their own people in the name of ‘fighting against terrorism’. In the countries of South Asia, a storm centre of revolution, this phenomenon is taking place at a more rapid pace. This is taking place in the context of, and mainly in response to, the emerging waves of the Maoist movement in this region. As the people’s resistance increases so also are the tentacles of the USA and its stooge Indian expansionism spreading in SA more deeply.

In Nepal the TADA was immediately promulgated in addition to the state repression that has been going on since 1996 (the initiation of PW in Nepal). Today on an average 10 to 12 people are being killed daily in the name of ‘encounters’ with the Maoists. As if this is not enough, the fascist government is openly advocating the formation of vigilante groups in order to bring splits among the masses and to attack revolutionary forces. Women in Nepal are getting raped, tortured, imprisoned and killed in thousands by the Royal Nepal Army the (RNA). Today the USA and India are not only supplying arms and ammunitions to RNA but are also supplying their officers to train the RNA to kill Maoists. Similarly in India, after the promulgation of POTA many people have been incarcerated without any trial and tortured. In fact the banning of MCCI and CPI-ML (PW) and other organizations took place during this very period. There has been hightened repression on the people in general but in particular on the Maoist sympathizers and cadres. Many have been killed in fake encounters. Death sentences have been promulgated to eleven MCCI comrades by the Indian state. In fact state repression in Andhra Pradesh has become a pilot project, which is being experimented under the watchful eyes of the World Bank and the US imperialists. The fascist Naidu government has killed hundreds of top leaders and cadres of the PW (including four recently) and even civil liberties activists, teachers, poets, etc. Similarly counter-insurgency joint war exercises have been conducted by the Special Forces of the two countries at the Indian Army’s Jungle Warfare School in the North-East. There is growing military collaboration at the ground and sea level between the US and Indian forces to make Indian state the launching pad for suppressing people’s movements in SA and to bolster Indian expansionism. This is reflected in increased state repression on the revolutionary movements and various nationality movements in North-East and in Kashmir and increased Indian expansionist intervention in neighboring countries. In Bhutan, the archaic feudal monarchy is suppressing the nationality movement of the Bhutanese Nepalese under the watchful eyes of Indian expansionism. They have been denied to form even cultural or sports organizations with the fear that they may work as political organizations. Hundreds have been tortured and imprisoned and more than 100 thousand Nepalese Bhutanese have been thrown out of their country. The death sentence promulgated on 8 comrades of the CPEB (ML) (Red Flag) in Bangladesh is yet another proof of the level of repression on Maoist forces there. In Pakistan, the military regime is attacking its own territory and its people in the name of flushing out Al Quaida forces on behalf of the US imperialists. Similarly in Sri Lanka the reactionary state has been unleashing severe repression on revolutionaries and national liberation fighters for long.

The Naxalbari fire, which had engulfed South Asia in the 1960s, is now transformed into vigorous Maoist People’s War throughout SA. It is the fear of the spread of Maoist movements that has prompted the Indian state to invent their own so-called Compact Revolutionary Zone comprising of Nepal-Bihar-Dandakaranya-Andhra Pradesh. This has of late manifested in the illegal detention of Com. Kiran [Standing Committee Member of CPN (Maoist)] and Com. Gaurav [Politburo Member of CPN (Maoist)] in Indian prisons and illegal deportation of more than 75 Nepalese Maoist leaders and cadres. Also this has led to the incarceration of PW CC member, Com. Sujeet from Bihar. The fear of the spread of the Maoist movement has forced the central Indian government to intervene in its own provincial states affected by Maoist people’s wars, by pouring in money, muscle and media coverage. The recent attack and flushing out of ULFA and other similar forces of the North-East from Bhutan in the name of combating the Maoist spread in Bhutan is another such example. The fear of influence of the CPN (Maoist) amongst Bhutanese refugees stationed in Eastern Nepal is prompting the EU and the USA to patch up the refugee problem between Nepal, India and Bhutan.

To combat this powerful Maoist ideology, all states in this region are actively advancing religious fundamentalism in addition to state repression. In Nepal, the fratricidal and regicidal King Gyanendra is desperately trying to invoke Hindu feelings amongst the masses by encouraging and donating millions of rupees to fascist organizations like the Shiva Sena, Nepal and other similar organizations and by claiming to be the god incarnate of all Hindus of the world. In India, the ruling BJP is openly supporting trishul-wielding fascist Hindu organizations such as VHP, Shiva Sena etc has launched massive attacks on minorities, particularly Muslims and has been whipping up an anti-Islamic hysteria in order to keep the masses divided and ignorant. In Sri Lanka, the Buddhist monks are being encouraged to take part in politics to whip up anti-Tamil sentiments. In Pakistan and Bangladesh, Muslim fundamentalism is being openly used by the states to divert the real class issues of poverty, unemployment and discrimination. This growing religious fundamentalism must be tackled at people’s level by the Maoist forces by applying the science of MLM more creatively, by supporting the oppressed minorities, by pursuing a mass-line more deeply and by correctly following united front policies.

The growing state repression in SA has in fact created conducive grounds for united resistance against the respective states at the domestic level and co-coordinated resistance against the combined American imperialism and its stooge Indian expansionism at the regional level. This has already accelerated the process of unity of the two major Maoist Parties in India, i.e. the MCCI and CPI (ML) (PW). It has also created the objective basis for other MLM parties to coordinate more closely amongst themselves. The growing co-ordination between CPN (Maoist) and other democratic forces resisting against the fascist monarchy in Nepal is also the result of brutal repression in Nepal . The formation of a new Maoist Party in Bhutan is the result of extreme poverty, backwardness and increasing repression in Bhutan. In Bangladesh it has created favorable grounds for more and more MLM forces to initiate and expand PW to new areas. At the South Asia level, it has goaded the CCOMPOSA to consolidate and expand and to launch more united actions against American imperialism and its stooge Indian expansionism.

Dear Friends,

As per the decision of the Third Conference of CCOMPOSA, on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the Naxalbari uprising, let us launch a joint campaign all over SA starting from 23rd May and culminating on May 29 against the death sentences issued against comrades in India and Bangladesh, daily encounter killings, the illegal detention of Com. Kiran and Gaurav in Indian jails, the deportation of more than 75 Nepalese Maoist leaders and cadres from India, and against the growing state repression in the respective countries. Let the ‘war on terrorism’ be converted into the ‘war on state sponsored terrorism’ by making this week reverberate with militant actions.

· Stop judicial execution of revolutionaries in India and Bangladesh !

· Stop daily fake encounter killings in Nepal, India, and elsewhere in SA!

· Release Com. Kiran and Com.Gaurav from Indian prisons!

· Stop deportation of Nepalese Maoists from India!

· Stop state repression on revolutionary and democratic forces in SA!

· Down with American Imperialism and its stooge Indian expansionism!

· Long Live Naxalbari!

· Long live CCOMPOSA

· Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

-Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia


1) PBSP (CC) ]Bangladesh] 2) PBSP(MPK) [Bangladesh] 3) BSD(ML) [Bangladesh] 4) CPEB (ML)Red Flag [Bangladesh] 5) CPC(Maoist) [Srilanka] 6) MCCI (India) 7) CPI-ML (PW) [India] 8) CPI-ML(Naxalbari) [India] 9) RCCI (MLM) [India] 10) CPN (Maoist) [Nepal]

May 15, 2004

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Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisation of South Asia

Posted by Indian Vanguard on August 3, 2007



The Indian rulers seek total domination of the countries of South Asia acting as the gendarme of the US in this region. At the recently held SAARC Summit it went so far as to propose a South Asia Parliament seeking to undermine even the existing limited sovereign of the South Asian countries. Earlier they had proposed a common currency for the region to further consolidate its economic hegemony in the region. At the SAARC Summit it continued to push its SAFTA {South Asian Free Trade Association, n order to dominate the markets of the region and allow the unhindered free flow of goods made in India {mostly by the big comprador houses and the TNCs} to all countries of South Asia.

CCOMPOSA CALLS for the disbanding of SAARC and the setting up genuine forums of people to people relations between the countries of South Asia.

Lately the Indian rulers have been even more crudely intervening in the internal affairs of neighboring countries and even more crudely crushing the national aspirations for self-determination of the Kashmiri, Naga, Manipuri, Assamese, etc people.

In Nepal they have been playing an active role to diffuse the democratic aspirations of the Nepalese people and prop up the reactionary elements after isolating the Maoists. They have been instigating the Madheshi people of the Terrai against the Maoists in league with the Nepalese monarchy. Hindu fundamentalists have been particularly active in setting up vigilante gangs to murder activists as happened in Gaur where 28 Maoists were killed. Recently these gangs murdered a Central Committee member of YCL {Young Communist League} in the terrain region together with another comrade. The Indian ambassador has, of late, pro-active roaming in the interiors of Nepal offering large sums of money for schools, hospitals, roads, etc in order to wean away the masses from the influence of the Maoists.

In addition the Indian Para-military have fired on and killed the Nepalese of Bhutani origin from returning to their motherland and have been fully involved the US conspiracy to transport 60,000 refugees to the West as some modern day form of slave labour. The US imperialists and Indian rulers have been working to prop up the reactionaries and neutralize the Maoists. CCOMPOSA strongly condemns the role of the Indian rulers in Nepal and demands that they stop meddling in the affairs of Nepal and the India people bring to justice the murderous gangs operating across the Nepalese border.

In Bangladesh the Indian rulers have not only openly backed their stooge Sheikh Hasina but have utilsed the present army-backed caretaker government to push through massive deals for Indian big comprador houses. They have sought help the Tatas to make massive investments there and lately the Mittals have signed a gigantic deal in the energy sector of Bangladesh. The Indian ambassador has been actively acting in the country together with the US ambassador in the dealings between the various political parties and the caretaker government. CCOMPOSA demands that the large natural wealth of poverty stricken Bangladesh be utilized for the development of their own country and not robbed by Indian compradors and the US imperialists.

In Sri Lanka they openly threatened the government when it sought arms from China and Pakistan. The Indian rulers have already imposed humiliating free-trade agreements on Sri Lanka. They have also surreptitiously been assisting the Sri Lanka government to crush the just aspirations of the Tamil people for a Tamil Elam. CCOMPOSA demands the scrapping all these unequal agreements and supports the just struggle of the Tamil people for their self-determination from the jack-boots of the Indian ruling classes.
In addition the Indian rulers continue to maintain and tighten their vice-like grip over the small countries of the region like Bhutan, Sikkim, Malldives, etc and continue their attempts to bully Pakistan utilizing the Kashmir card. Particularly they continue to forcibly maintain the oppressed nationalities within Indian hegemony. Not only does the Indian army of occupation crush their just demands with utmost brutality, they have been pitting one section of the people against the other to drown their just struggles in oceans of blood. This is to be seen in Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, Kashmir and elsewhere. CCOMPOSA demands that the people people of these oppressed nationalites be allowed to determine their own future and the immediate and total withdrawal of Indian army and para-military forces from all these regions.
South Asia has become a burning cauldron of revolutionary, democratic and nationality movements. CCOMPOSA supports all these just movements and calls on the peoples of South Asia to unite against their common enemy and not fall prey to the divisive policies of the rulers and their US imperialist backers in the region.

1) Proletarian Party of Purba Bangla-CC; PBSP (CC) [Bangladesh]
2) Communist Party of East Bengal(ML)(Red Flag); CPEB (ML)(Red Flag) [Bangladesh] 3) Bangladesher Samyobadi Dal(Marxist-Leninist) BSD(ML) [Bangladesh]
4) Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) CPB(MLM)
5) Comminist Party of India (Maoist) ; CPI(Maoist)
6) Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari CPI-ML (Naxalbari) [India]
7) Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) CPI(MLM)[India]
8) Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist); CPN(Maoist) [Nepal]

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