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Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 20, 2007

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The Central Committees of CPI(M-L)[People’s War] and CPI(M-L)[Party Unity] after a week-long bilateral meeting in August,1998 resolved to merge their respective organisations into a single, unified Party with immediate effect.

The new Party shall henceforth be known as CPI(M-L)[People’s War] and shall be guided by newly constituted Central Committee.

The merger of the two parties is the culmination of the unity process which began in March ’93 and continued for over five years during which differences on several political, ideological and organisational questions were resolved through thread-bare discussion. The new party adopted the Party Programme and Constitution, Strategy and Tactics and Political Resolutions as its basic documents.

Both CPI(M-L)[PW] and CPI(M-L)[PU] have their origins in the CPI(M-L) formed in 1969 under the leadership of our beloved leader Comrade Charu Majumdar. The CPI(M-L) itself is the continuation of the all that is revolutionary in the Indian Communist movement and the inheritor of the glorious Telengana, Tebhaga, Punapra-Vayalar and other revolutionary struggles. It is the direct product of the glorious Naxalbari struggle.

Both CPI(M-L)[PW] and CPI(M-L)[PU] have continued the revolutionary legacy of glorious Naxalbari, Srikakulam, Birbhum, Debra-Gopiballavpur, Mushahari and Bhojpur struggles, consistently adhered to the correct revolutionary line of the 8th Congress of the Party held in 1970 and fought against both right and left opportunist trends that appeared in the Marxist-Leninist movement following the setback in 1972. The two Parties have been leading class struggles in various parts of the country, particularly armed struggles in Andhra Pradesh, North Telengana, Bihar and Dandakaranya for almost two decades. Both the Parties have consistently rejected the farce of the Parliamentary democracy and unequivocally stood for boycott of Parliamentary elections. Both believe that it is only through the path of Protracted People’s War and area-wise seizure of political power that we can achieve victory in the ongoing New Democratic Revolution in India, liberate our motherland from the stranglehold of feudalism and imperialism, ensure the various nationalities in the country, right to self determination including the right to secession and establish voluntary Union of Peoples democratic republics of India as a first step which will be transformed into a Union of Socialist Republics of India in course of time.

Both Parties firmly believe that communism is the only alternative before Mankind and that the only gifts the decrepit, moribund, parasitic capitalism can give to Mankind are death and destruction, unemployment and disease, physical and intellectual slavery and degradation of all human values cherished by Mankind over centuries of its existence. The past 150 years since the clarion call given by the path breaking Communist Manifesto have given us immense experiences in making revolution and building socialism. Taking lessons from these rich experiences and guided by Marxism-Leninism-Mao thought, we do believe, we can build socialism on even stronger foundations, check the restoration of capitalism and advance towards communism. We once again affirm that it is communism and communism alone which can liberate Mankind from these miserable conditions of existence, save the Planet from extinction and herald the real dawn of history.

The merger of the two Parties has demonstrated that the objectivity of the present political situation will invariably lead to the regrouping of the revolutionary forces and further consolidation of the revolutionary camp in India.

The merger of the two Parties and emergence of a unified centre mark a turning point in the Indian revolution. This unity meets the aspirations of the broad masses of the people and the vast ranks of the revolutionary forces in the country and is in accordance with the objective needs of class struggle. It signifies a qualitative leap in the ongoing process of unification of genuine revolutionary forces in the country and will contribute significantly to advance the Indian revolution. In turn the unification of the two parties will also contribute to the advancement of the World socialist revolution of which the ongoing revolution in India forms an important component.

Coming at a time when the Indian ruling classes have launched a massive armed offensive against the revolutionary forces in India, which has been stepped up under the BJP led alliances at the Centre [BJP: Indian bourgeois party in power-ed.], the unification of the two Parties will aid the revolutionary forces to counter the enemy offensive more effectively. The merger of the two Parties and the formation of a unified centre is a fitting reply to the current moves of the enemy forces to launch a centralised, co-ordinated offensive against the revolutionary forces through the joint coordination constituted for the purpose.

Today the objective situation in the world is becoming more and more favourable for revolution. Imperialism is caught in its severest crisis since the Great Depression. In India too, never before had economic, social and political instability reached such a grave dimension since the transfer of the Power (1947). The credibility of the various Parliamentary parties including the revisionist parties as well as the system of so called Parliamentary democracy is at its lowest ebb. The vast masses are seeking a revolutionary alternative to resolve their problems. The working class, the broad masses of the peasantry, the oppressed nationalities, students, youths, women, adivasis, dalits, persecuted religious minorities and other sections of Indian people oppressed by feudalism, imperialism, and comprador bureaucratic capitalism are waging heroic struggles which have further intensified in the wake of the policies of liberalisation, privatisation, globalisation and other such policies initiated by the Indian ruling classes under the dictates of World Bank-I.M.F-W.T.O. combine particularly since 1991. We call upon the people of India to rally under the red revolutionary banner of the newly united Party to deal effective blows on feudalism, imperialism and comprador bureaucratic capital that are oppressing and exploiting them.

The emergence of the united Party — the Communist Party of India(Marxist-Leninist)[People’s War] — does not mark the completion of the process of unification of the genuine communist revolutionary forces in India. The newly Unified Party will continue its efforts in right earnest to achieve this unification. We also call upon the other genuine revolutionary elements in the various M-L parties in India who are being led astray by both right and left opportunist leadership, to fight against these deviations and rally under the banner of the United Party. The United Party pledges itself to avenge the death of thousands of martyrs who fell in the course of the ongoing democratic revolution in India paved with blood by these martyrs until their cherished goals are accomplished. This is the era of Revolutions.

Dare to fight! Dare to win!

Ganapathy General Secretary CPI(ML) [Peoples War]

N. Prasad General Secretary CPI(ML) [Party Unity]

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