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Maoists recruit through internet

Posted by Indian Vanguard on October 10, 2007

Gyan Varma Wednesday, October 10, 2007 04:12 IST

NEW DELHI: Contrary to the popular belief that Maoists are more of a rural force fighting in the jungles, security agencies have found out that the guerrillas are recruiting youngsters through the internet.

Security agencies have identified nine such blogs frequently visited by youngsters.
“These websites are being used to recruit youngsters by the Naxals for their under-development intelligence wing,” said a senior security official.

Some of the websites and blogs that have come under the scanner are naxal revolution, peoples march, red diary and lal press. “We suspect that it is a well-thought-out plan because they are trying to diversify and want to target bigger cities to increase their area of influence,” said the officer, adding that Maoists would get a workforce in the cities without much effort or training.

“We have inputs suggesting that Maoists are planning to form an intelligence wing of their own with around 2,000 cadres spread across mainly four cities,” said the officer. Security officials also said apart from Delhi, Maoists are targeting cities in Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh to set up this intelligence force.

Sleuths elaborated that the modus operandi of Maoists is very simple. “They first send email messages after identifying prospective recruits asking them how they can help the cause,” said the officer.
“The questionnaire also asks the possible recruits their areas of interest, educational qualifications and how they would be able to help the movement,” the officer added.

“We have been tracking these websites for long and have stumbled upon this information. Maoists are also asking computer professionals to either develop or help them develop more web pages so that people could visit them and know more about the force.”

The officer also emphasised that though it is new that Maoists are using the internet to their advantage, there is a good strength of overground workers which is not just very well-educated but is also motivated to fight the security forces.

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Big Brother Is Reading Your Email?

Posted by Indian Vanguard on August 31, 2007

The next time you go to a cyber cafe in Mumbai, be warned: the cops can see whatever you’re up to. The Mumbai police plans to install keystroke loggers in the cyber cafes of Mumbai, which essentially means that everything you type will be saved for the police to scrutinize. This includes your email username and password. This includes your credit card details, should you purchase something online. This includes every email you send, every website you visit, the location of every picture you download.If you’re surfing at a Mumbai cyber cafe, you would have effectively surrendered your privacy.

Yes, yes, this is meant to fight terrorism, but even if the Mumbai police had the manpower to scrutinize the vast numbers of keystroke records they will get, this move would make no sense. Terrorists use cars, live in rented flats, make phonecalls to each other. So will our cars, houses and telephone conversations be monitored as well?

In the Mid Day article, an unnamed “National Vice President, People Union for Civil Liberty” is quoted as saying, “As long as personal computers are not being monitored. If monitoring is restricted to public computers, it is in the interest of security. [sic]”

By that logic, the cops might as well install video cameras inside hotel rooms, no?

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