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Report From MCCI 15 September 2004

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 20, 2007

Report for CCOMPOSA Bulletin


Since the last CCOMPOSA bulletin report, the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war, that is, the protracted people’s war led by the MCCI, has touched a new level. It has accomplished a number of remarkable achievements. These achievements are related to various fields, particularly the military field. Some of the daring raids and ambushes, carried out by PLGA of the MCCI are really glaring. Most daring Saranda ambush of the PLGA forces on April 7, 2004 is one of them. It marked a new turning point in the revolutionary movement of India. In the same direction and as a part of serving this struggle MCCI also continue to mobilize the people on a massive scale on various political and other issues, including in support of the Jharkhand, Bihar, Andhra, Dandakaranya’s people’s struggle. Some of these mass struggles are also very important. Mobilization of the women masses, particularly down trodden sections of the society remains the special feature. But the most striking feature is that all these activities were carried out by facing and resisting the vicious repressive campaigns increasingly let loose by the police and Para-military forces of the ruling classes.

The people of the South Asian countries know that the Indian ruling classes increasingly guided and dictated by the imperialists, particularly the U.S. imperialists, have established a Joint Operational Command (JOC) comprising 9 states to suppress the NaxalbariMossad (notorious Israeli secret intelligence agency) supervised by FBI (notorious USDelhi. Actually the Indian ruling classes dictated by the imperialists, have declared a permanent war to exterminate the protracted people’s war, led by MCCI and CPI (ML) (PW) without declaring so. Indian ruling classes and their imperialist masters, particularly the US, have declared that these two Maoists parties as terrorists. When the actual fact is that it is they and their armed forces, which are acting as terrorists, and that too at the dictates of the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, who are the biggest terrorist of the world. Change of government in Delhi has no longer changed this wicked scenario. In such a backdrop the advancement in the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war i.e. the protracted people’s war led by MCCI is worth noting. movement. This notorious JOC has been constituted by taking top ranking police and civil officials of the 9 states and the central government. It is operating under the overall command of the central Govt. It has permanently deployed thousands of Para-military forces including Grey Hound type special commando forces on a permanent basis. All their borne expenditure will be incurred by the central Govt. itself. These forces are especially trained by intelligence agency) stationing in

Saranda counter-offensive – a new milestone

Saranda jungle again came to the limelight as an area of fast developing Red political struggle. This time again, the PLGA guerrilla forces of the MCCI successfully entrapped a large number of highly armed police and paramilitary forces in a daring ambush in Saranda5 pm near village Baliba situated in the Gua P.S. of west SinghbhumJharkhand. These police forces were led by SP Praveen Kumar. They were returning with half a dozen vehicles and their number was near about 70. When they reached the spot selected by the PLGA Guerrillas then the SP jeep and three other police vehicles were blown over through the land mines laid of by the PLA. At the same time many of the police forces were caught in the firing range of the Guerrilla forces. Thereafter intense battle also took place between the remaining police forces and the Guerrillas. This fierce fighting continued for more than an hour. But in this close and front to front fighting the enemy forces were forced to flee away. In this daring ambush and fierce fighting at least 29 policemen including the Nuvamundi P.S. in-charge Ram Sagar Singh were killed on the spot and near about two dozen policemen were seriously injured. Many policemen, including some of the injured fled away by hiding themselves through the thick jungle. In this daring ambush the PLGA Guerrilla captured near about three dozen weapons and a large number of ammunition from the police force. jungle on April 7, 2004. These forces were returning from a long range patrolling that was being conducted in search of MCCI led PLGA Guerrillas. But they themselves were entrapped by the Guerrillas at district of

This was the second largest but more daring ambush conducted by the PLGA guerrillas. No doubt the guerrilla forces have to pay some price also yet the nature of this battle raised the over all level of guerrilla war qualitatively. Most remarkable feature of this battle is that the fighting spirit and the planning capability of the PLGA guerrillas have touched a new level. Moreover, the people’s support and their active participation in various forms have considerably increased.

After the first major ambush by the PLGA Guerrillas conducted on 20th December, 2002 the ground situation in the Saranda jungle area has undergone a sea change. People of the area have been largely relieved from the exploitation and operation of the officers of the forest department. They have started ploughing large tracks of forest which was lying vacant previously because of the fear of forest officers. The movement of the police in smaller formation has stopped. They started moving only in large formation just as long range patrolling. Even the time of this patrolling has been decreased. After 2 pm they generally start retreating to their camps on headquarter. Police forces from the smaller out posts have been largely withdrawn. After their retreat PLGA guerrillas continue to control the area. That is why the people heaved a sigh of a relief under their surveillance.

People are organizing themselves in the revolutionary peasant committees. These committees are emerging as an embryonic form of new democratic people’s political power centers in the villages. These peasant committees are being organized, helped and led by MCCI. These committees helped the people in organizing and developing the production along with raising their livelihood. A large number of people are coming forward in organizing themselves in people’s militia and local guerrilla squads to protect themselves and the people in general. All these activities of the people are in turn helping in strengthening and enlarging the PLGA guerrilla forces, thereby laying a more and more fertile ground for advancing and raising the level of armed agrarian guerrilla war. The Saranda movement is one of the major outcomes of this overall development. The formation of PLGA has reached the level to platoon then to company. Moreover, a considerable number of women are coming forward to join the PLGA and even the party. Women organization is also developing speedily.

As a whole, the April, 2004 Saranda movement has emphatically pointed out that the red political struggle of Saranda has reached to a new height. This movement is the indication of counter-offensive by guerrilla forces in this stage of strategic defense. Just before this the people’s war led by the PW has also reached to a new height with the Koraput raid conducted by the PGA on February 6, 2004. In this raid PGA guerrilla simultaneously captured not only the Koraput district headquarter in Orrisa but also nine other P.S. and captured at least 510 weapons along with 20, 000 ammunition. This military action has proved to be a historic action.

These struggles are directly concentrated on both the question of land and political power. Saranda struggle is developing as a part of the over all armed agrarian revolutionary struggle in the form of protracted people’s war developing in Jharkhand, Bihar and their adjoining areas. These struggles along with the Saranda struggle are directed against imperialism, feudalism and the comprador bureaucrat capitalism i.e. against neo-colonial type of semi-colonial semi-feudal ruling system. As a result, this struggling area is fast emerging as a new and shining area of red political struggle in the Indian landscape. The lofty aim of developing PLGA into full-fledged PLA and the establishment of red base areas by developing the guerrilla zones and guerrilla bases is not far off. Saranda movement has already highlighted this message in the air.

Assam struggle – a new beginning .

Recently a daring raid conducted by the PLGA guerrillas of the MCCI in Kamrup district of lower Assam highlighted the fact that a new area of red political struggle is emerging on the surface in Assam. This raid was conducted by the PLGA guerrillas on 7th January, 2004 in the jungle area of Palashban of Kamrup district. In this raid the guerrilla overpowered a police camp of the forest protection force situated in the beat office of the forest department and thereby forced the police to surrender. Thereafter, the PLGA guerrillas captured 4 rifles, one Stengun, one wireless set and 150 rounds of ammunition along with Rs. 11,000. This daring raid was conducted by the PLGA guerrillas led by the lower Assam Zonal Committee of the MCCI after a thorough investigation and comprehensive planning. In this raid, in addition to the local guerrillas and local militia forces, a section of the people also were also active.

Importance of this daring raid lies in the fact that it is a historic one.

It opened a new chapter in the history of people’s struggle for their momentum and dignity. It has also drawn a clear line of demarcation with genuine and fake revolutionaries in the form of indication of a new path before the struggling people. Another important aspect of this raid is that it has caused a new kind of reverberations among the genuine and creative elements operating in this nationalities movements.

Today, the people of Assam, Tripura and whole of the North-East are reacting under the extremes from exploitation, oppression and repression of the Indian ruling classes and their imperialist masters. That is why, the malady of hunger, unemployment, backwardness and diseases are prevalent every where. That is why, they are continuing their struggles for a long time against these maladies and for their dignity and also for self-determination. They have earned a rich experience at the cost of lots of blood. Despite all this, the task of developing and maintaining the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war against imperialism and feudalism with this clear direction of developing a sustaining the red army and base area is still remaining a most pressing task. Moreover, this area is one of the crucial strategic area for advancing the PPW. Hence MCCI continue to give added attention toward developing such a struggle in this area from the very beginning. That is why, it sent some developed cadres to this area in early 1970 also. These cadres tried to develop such a struggle but could not. There after MCCI started again its wish starting with 1987 and continued it by learning from this. But MCCI had to pay the price by loosing two comrades in this attempt. Comrade Nripender and Com. Hirender lost their precious lives. There after MCCI again took up this task and started its work in 1989. This time the previous experience gained at the cost of blood was taken into account.

This time work was started against the usurious and feudal exploitation and oppression along with oppression of the forest department. Secret methods of mobilizing and organizing the people were observed from the very beginning. While mobilizing the people on class line all efforts were made to link the nationality aspirations and the questions of their dignity and self-respect along with their distinct cultural sentiments and the question of self–determination with the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war. Various other issues of social oppression particularly the feudal oppression of women were also taken in mobilizing the people. In this way MCCI succeeded in developing the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla struggle by keeping patience and thorough arduous work. Hence the party and guerrilla forces started emerging from the Assamese soil itself. But as these struggle started taking a definite shape the state and Goonda forces (indeed and abetted by the police) reached with all that might. In this offensive Comrade Mohal lost his life in 2001. But this time this murder was revenged very soon. That is why the people’s confidence in advancing their struggle was further strengthened. The process of organizing the peasant masses in the revolutionary peasant committee added its slogan “land to the real tiller and political power to the RPC” is gaining moments. Not only this but various other mass organizations and struggles are also being developed on various political and other issues.

North Bihar: Daring red on Simrahni police camp

On July13, 2004, PLGA guerrillas of the MCCI carried on another most daring raid on Simrahni police camp in Gobriah PS of west Champaran district. This police camp was recently established by the reactionary ruling class to conduct their suppressive and repressive campaigns to exterminate the revolutionary people’s movement led by MCCI. The most significant aspect of this daring raid is that PLGA guerrillas forced the police and paramilitary forces to surrender after three hours intense battle. Thereby they captured all their weapons, i.e. 7 SLRs, 5 Rifles, 1 Carbine, 2 Stenguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunitions. PLGA guerrillas also captured their uniforms including other materials. Another important aspect of this raid is that PLGA guerrillas left all the captured policemen free and even a preliminary treatment to the injured, only after patiently educating them that they should stop acting as a pawn in the hands of the reactionary ruling classes to suppress the revolutionary ruling classes rather they should come forward in helping and even joining their class brothers who are advancing the revolutionary movement. On the whole this daring raid proved to be another shining achievement of MCCI particularly in threatening the enemy’s encirclement and suppression campaign in the concerned area.

North Bihar is fastly developing as another most important struggling area of the MCCI where armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war, that is, the protracted people’s war is developing by achieving one victory after another. Before this daring raid, PLGA guerrillas conducted a number of other exemplary raids against police and wiped feudal lords. During these raids they succeeded in capturing dozens of weapons from them, including the property of the feudal landlords. One such raid was conducted against a notorious feudal lord Ram Kumar of V. Mahmidy in Patahi PS East Champaran. Another such raid was conducted against another notorious feudal lord Vijay Singh in Loharia PS of West Champaran. Recently three important comrades of PLGA led by MCCI were martyred. Thereafter in April 2004 the PLGA guerrillas raided the notorious feudal lord and head of the village Rampur Barhi in Sitamani district and beheaded him.

Along with this the PLGA guerrillas of the MCCI have conducted a number of successful raids against the Police outposts one of such raids was conducted at Pehgal Bazaar police camp in Dharbhanga district. Another one was conducted on Dehudi Dham Police camp in Shubham district. Both these successful raids have been conducted in the last two years and near about two dozen weapons were captured during those raids.

o In the second week of May, several Platoons of the PLGA conducted another daring raid on the Simra Thana of Aurangabad7 pm. This raid was conducted because the Thana in-charge was continuingly harassing and repressing the people. PLGA guerrilla encircled the Thana and thereby forced the Thana in-charge to surrender. Guerrillas snatched their weapons and other materials including ammunitions and two motorcycles there after set the Thana building on fire. They also detonated the new Thana building and then blasted it away. district at

o In April 28 PLGA guerrillas conducted a big raid and encircled four villages at a time situated in Dumaria Thana area of GayaRanvir Sena activities. After encircling these villages PLGA guerrillas snatched more than 20 licensed Rifles from the known Sunlight Sena goons. Thereby MCCI guerrillas implemented and realized the slogan “Disarm the enemy forces and arm the people”. district. These villages were center of

o PLGA guerrillas also conducted another raid in Adai village of Gaya district on March 12. This village continues to be a stronghold of Ranvir Sena’s activities since the last period. Some of the notorious Sena men had killed six people belonging to the poor and landless masses. Hence the guerrillas killed two notorious goons of the Sena and seriously injured three others. Thereafter, the Sena goons including the police force mercilessly bit the village poor, looted their houses and forced them to flee away from the village. On April 25, PLGA guerrillas immediately retaliated to this wicked event and encircled the village Adai at 10 am. Thereafter, intense fight continued between the guerrillas and Ranveer Sena goons up to 4 pm. Thousands of people of these area actively helped the guerrillas and hence did not allow the police force to enter Adai up to 7 pm. by encircling it from all sides ranging up to 9 km. Police was allowed to enter only when the guerrillas successfully carried out their tasks and moved away. In this raid, four reactionary Ranvir Sena goons were killed on the spot.

o In another daring raid on September 16, PLGA guerrillas of MCCI seized an explosive centre of the CCL of Toyra forest of TopaKuju police station of Hazaribag district and captured four boxes of detonators, in each having one thousand pieces. And on the very day another PL of guerrillas, along with local people raided a godown of Sudam Pandey, a wholesaler of consumer goods and food grains, captured commodities amounting to over 50 Lakhs of Rupees and distributed those among the poor and landless peasants. under

o 23rd March – Martyr’s Day celebrated: MCCI continue to celebrate 23rd March as martyrs Day for the last many years. MCCI celebrate this Day by linking it with not only great martyrs Bhagat Singh but also all the martyrs of the revolutionary movements. This year a huge mass rally was organized at the Sasaram Railway ground of the Rohtas district headquarter. Thousands of the people belonging to students, youths, intellectuals including people from the surrounding areas from the Kaimur range participated in it on a massive scale. The speaker of this rally highlighted the unfinished revolutionary aim and aspiration of the martyrs and pointed out the way to realize those aims. They also pointed out that continuing the revolutionary movement for building a New Democratic India will be the real homage to the martyrs. Such programs were held at various places in Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab and some other places. In Punjab at least a week long campaign was lunched to celebrate this day, during which big function was held at six places in different districts.

o Election-boycott campaign: During the last 14th parliamentary election a big mass campaign was organized by the MCCI and its supporter mass organizations throughout the country particularly in Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal. Lakhs of leaflet and posters were published and distributed on a massive scale. An extensive week-long election boycott campaign was organized to highlight the revolutionary politics and projected a real revolutionary alternative before the people. During this campaign thousands of the people participated in the meetings, rallies and other functions. They also highlighted that building of election boycott campaign is a democratic right of the people. Elections can only change the face of ruler but not their exploitative and sanguinary rule, which can be overthrown only by the armed agrarian revolutionary war, that is, the protracted people’s war. This campaign not only helped in spreading the revolutionary politics but also helped in exposing the parliamentary parties and parliamentary politics to a great extent.

As a result of this campaign a vast section of the masses actively boycotted the election at various places. Most important aspect of this campaign was that all the ruling parties were exposed by focusing attention on the BJP-led rulers, and advancement of the protracted people’s war in Jharkhand, Andhra, Bihar and Dandakaranya was highlighted as the only viable alternative to it before the Indian people.

In addition to these daring raids, MCCI continue to mobilize vast masses of people in various mass activities against police repression and political and other important programs in support of the revolutionary movement from time to time. This mobilization has been carried out not only in this more advanced struggling area but also in all other areas. All these mass activities continue to be conducted from different mass organizations; including by constituting joint mass platforms with different political forces. At some occasions and on some important issues both MCCI and PW joined hands in mobilizing the masses. Some of these mass struggles and mass activities pursued to be most glaring and exemplary. Mobilization of the vast women masses by the revolutionary women organization set another most glaring example.

Some of these mass activities are worth mentioning. On Jan 5, 2004 both the MCCI and PW organized a huge mass rally and demonstration in Ranchi against the vicious episode of Lango village. In this vicious episode numbers of PGA guerrillas of the PW were killed by the police through enacting a wicked conspiracy. Thereafter, both the MCCI and PW jointly organized Bandh (General shutdown) on Feb 29, 2004 in their advanced struggling areas along with organizing rallies and demonstrations all over India on the issues of death sentences, Pota, state repression and against the arrest of Comrade Gaurav of the CPN (Maoist). This Bandh proved to be very successful particularly in Jharkhand and Bihar. Successful rallies and demonstrations were held in Delhi and Punjab. At both the places MCCI supporters participated in large numbers. In Delhi this rally was organized on March 21. On this issue a week long program was organized in Rajasthan, particularly at Jaipur and Kota, during which large number of workers, students and other people participated. These mass activities were carried out in W. Bengal also.

March 8 — International Women’s day was celebrated by organizing huge mass rallies by the revolutionary movement organization at various places in Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhatisgarh and Punjab. Thousands of women particularly from the downtrodden sections of the society, participated in these rallies. These rallies were held at Gaya, Muzaffarpur Sarguguza and Darva of Garba and in Zira village (PB). During these rallies women masses expressed their anger and wrath against the exploitation and oppression of imperialist feudal state system and also the oppression of women by the male-dominated society.

Apart from these major mass activities, MCCI continue to mobilize masses, particularly the peasant masses through the RPC. These RPC continue to mobilize the masses not only for land and political power but also on various issues including those related with the well being of the masses themselves. In Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, W. Bengal, Orissa, Assam and some other places RPCs have been organized. In Jharkhand and Bihar alone, such RPCs are holding their say and are capable in organizing thousands of people in more than 600 villages. They are emerging and developing as an embryonic center of New political power.

Taken as a whole MCCI continue to give added attention in mobilizing the most masses in various mass struggles and through various mass organizations, including trying its best in developing the revolutionary united Front through armed struggle and for armed struggle. While organizing all such mass activities MCCI always keep this Maoist principle strict in the forefront.

In carrying out all the military and mass activities MCCI actively continue to advance the armed agrarian revolutionary Guerrilla war, that is, the PPW as a centre of gravity of all its activities including in mobilizing and organizing the masses on various political and other mass issues. This can also be clearly seen from the report the activities listed here.



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