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Release Com: Sison Immediately

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 3, 2007

We strongly condemn the arrest and detention of Jose
Mario Sison a leading Maoist revolutionary of the
Phillipines by the Netherlands government.This is an
outcome of a conspiracy orchestrated by the US
imperialists to save the comprador Arroyo regime and a
direct attack on the great People’s War led by the
Communist Party of the Phillipines.


Communist Party of India (marxist-Leninist) NAXALBARI
September 2, 2007

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Sison arrested: Emergency Action Alert

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 1, 2007

Sison arrested: Emergency Action Alert

Fil-Am Alliance Condemns Dubious Arrest
of NDF Political Consultant

The US Chapter of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, or BAYAN USA, an alliance of over 12 Filipino organizations in the US, vehemently condemned the arrest of the National Democratic Front Chief Political Consultant Jose Maria Sison last night by the Dutch Police on false charges of multiple murders.

The alliance further condemned the raiding of homes by the Dutch police of the NDF personnel.

Sison was arrested last night for multiple murders of Romulo Kintanar and Arturo Tabara. Police say Sison ordered the murders from the Netherlands back in 2003. Sison will be put on trial in the Netherlands, not the Philippines.

While the New People’s Army has already come forward with admittance to the killings, Sison maintains he is not in the leadership of the NPA nor the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

BAYAN USA maintains the real reasons for Sison’s arrest are political not criminal. Emergency actions will also be set at Dutch consulates across the country calling for Sison’s immediate release. [see below]

“Behind the actions of the Dutch police is the Arroyo government, which since its ascendency has been in pursuit of Joma Sison and worked tirelessly to subdue his meaning to the people,” states BAYAN USA Chair Chito Quijano.

The alliance, a member of the International League of Peoples Struggle, an international organization of which Sison serves as Chair, has been calling for a de-listing of Sison from the US and EU terrorist lists.

“It is in every interest of the US and Arroyo governments to confine Professor Sison for his politics. As the Chief Political Consultant to the organization that comprises one half of the stalled NDF-GRP peace negotiations, the Arroyo government is declaring to the world it is not interested in resuming peace talks,” Quijano added.

BAYAN USA has also supported the resumption of peace talks between the NDF and GRP. The Arroyo administration just recently called to intensify the all-out war in Mindanao under the auspices of the US War on Terror as a measure to raise its annual pork barrel of military aid from the US government.

BAYAN USA also asserted it’s been a year of hot water for the Arroyo administration, with isolation from human rights watchdogs such as the UNHRC, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and even a US Senate hearing that may influence US military aid to the Philippines. Sison, a political refugee in the Netherlands for nearly 20 years, has been one of the most famous and vocal critics of the Arroyo regime.

Earlier this year, a European court nullified Sison’s terrorist listing. Since his listing of 2001, Sison had his assets frozen and right to work stripped. Sison remains on the US State Department’s terrorist list.

For more information, contact BAYAN USA.

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NPA ambush AFP troops in Monkayo; holds POW

Posted by Indian Vanguard on August 14, 2007

Ka Aris Francisco

Alejandro Lanaja Command
Front 3 Operations Command
New Peoples Army-Southern Mindanao
August 11, 2007

Red fighters from the Alejandro Lanaja Command-New People’s Army ambushed elements of the 72nd Infantry Battalion-Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and paramilitary Cafgu, on Friday, August 10, in Sitio Kidapang, Brgy. San Isidro, Monkayo, Compostela Province around 7:30 in the morning.

Three Cafgus were killed instantly. One Army regular was seriously wounded while another one surrendered. The NPA suffered no casualty and seized an M16 rifle.

The tactical offensive against the fascist AFP is one of the series that the NPA is staging in the fight against US-Arroyo regime’s Oplan Bantay Laya. The ambush also serves as a punitive action for the military’s role in protecting the palm oil expansion by Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes.

Brillantes is a despotic bureaucrat aggressively pushing for the palm oil expansion amid the resistance of local residents and leaders. Through his death squads and with the support of the fascist military, Brillantes kills, harasses and intimidates residents who opposed his interests.

Meanwhile, Pfc. Marjun Gatela (Serial Number 837898), 30 years old, married and from Tagum City who surrendered to the NPA, will undergo investigation to ascertain his individual culpability for the crimes against the people. His rights as a Prisoner of War (POW) will be guaranteed in accordance with the Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, and international rules of war.

If Pfc. Gatela is found not guilty of any crime against the people, the revolutionary movement will immediately release him. However, continuing military operations will complicate his situation. The military and paramilitary troops will have to deal with the Red fighters who will not hesitate to attack them.

The case of the three Cafgu casualties only proves that the US-Arroyo regime and the AFP are merely using the paramilitary groups as pawns and sacrificial lambs.

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