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SFI(Social Fascists of India) pseudo leftist student union unleases terror in Calcutta

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 6, 2007

Reeling from blow after blow the social fascist student
organisation of the CPI(Marxist) has
un leashed terror after suffering humiliating defeats.
We now know from whom they learn this type of
criminal behavior.

Post-poll, JU erupts

– Anti-SFI union victory rally targeted, seven students injured

Science and engineering faculty students protest the attack on the victory march on Thursday. Picture by Amit Datta

The Jadavpur University (JU) campus turned into a battlefield on Thursday, as students and employees clashed after the announcement of the students’ union election results of the science and engineering faculty. At least seven students were injured.

All four seats in the union were won by the We The Independents (WTI), a non-political umbrella group opposed to the CPM-backed Students’ Federation of India (SFI). The union has been under the control of anti-SFI students for the past 11 years.

WTI members, who will hand over a memorandum to registrar Rajat Bandyopadhyay demanding action against the “attackers”, lodged an FIR naming two teachers who they alleged had joined hands with non-teaching staff members in mounting an assault on a students’ procession.

Leaders of the anti-SFI camp demanded that the service of professors Dipak Kesh (mathematics) and Arghya Deb (physics) be terminated. Both teachers were unavailable for comment.

Registrar Bandyopadhyay, reportedly busy in meetings throughout the day, could not be contacted.

Soon after the election results were announced at 1.30 pm, WTI supporters took out a victory procession around the campus. Violence erupted when the march reached the Science Club, near the engineering faculty canteen and adjacent to the office of the JU Karmachari Samsad, the union of non-teaching employees loyal to the CPM.

WTI members alleged that several non-teaching staff members, along with a few teachers and some outsiders who were seen holding red flags, attacked the “peaceful” procession.

“They kicked and punched us and also assaulted us with iron rods, sticks and bricks,” said Proloy Kumar Saha, a WTI leader and outgoing general secretary of the Science Faculty Students’ Union.

“Seven students, including myself, were injured. Someshwar Chandra fractured his hand and Surajit Sarkar sustained a neck injury. Among the others injured are Sourav Guha, Prottay Banerjee, Sourabh Mitra and Suman Majumdar,” he added.

Karmachari Samsad general secretary Saugata Roy denied the WTI charge.

“The executive committee meeting of the union was in progress when the victory march came near our office. Some students from the procession ransacked the Science Club and then attacked our office,” he explained.

Dhrubajyoti Chakraborty, a member of the SFI’s Calcutta district committee, claimed: “The anti-SFI organisations at the university were trying to foment trouble over the past few days to keep our loyalists at bay, and this was the outcome. Seven of our members were injured and one has fractured two ribs.”

When contacted, superintendent of police (South 24-Parganas) S.N. Gupta said: “We will take necessary action.”

SFI ruckus in South City College
Express News Service

Kolkata, April 4: The Students Federation of India (SFI) today created a ruckus at South City College on the eve of the student union elections, likely to be held tomorrow. SFI members beat up representatives of the Trinamool Chhatra Parishad and injured them. Three injured students were taken to SSKM Hospital for medical aid.

Paiswanor Chatterjee, president of the West Bengal Trinamool Chhatra Parishad, said: “SFI members don’t want other parties in the college to continue their election campaign in peace. Yesterday they tore off all the graffiti and posters put up by the Trinamool Chhatra Parishad members. Today they beat up our boys so that our campaign is interrupted.”

Chatterjee alleged that the same SFI members had murdered a local resident, Raju Prasad, because he had objected to their consuming alcohol and misbehaviour. “It has been a fortnight since the incident took place and the hoodlums are still roaming free. Our boys had protested and they were beaten up. Everything happened before the police but they did not say anything. They stood there like mute spectators,” said Chatterjee.

Indian Express

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News report of SFI loss

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 29, 2007

Following is a news report on the loss of SFI in Jadavpur University AFSU(Arts Faculty Student’s Union) elections published in a leading kolkata newspaper. Forum for Arts Students (FAS) has swept the students’ union elections of the Jadavpur University arts faculty, traditionally a bastion of the Students Federation of India ( SFI )

FAS won three seats, while All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (Aidso) bagged the remaining seat. The elections were held on Tuesday. Counting of votes began at 11 am on Wednesday. The results were declared at 4 pm. The new vice-chairperson of the union Mahadyuti Adhikary won by a margin of 428 votes. General secretary Sourish won by 454 votes.

The assistant general secretary (day), Souro, and assistant general secretary (night) won by 401 votes and 52 votes, respectively. More than 1,800 students of the day section cast their vote. From the night section, about 180 students voted. The students voted for the posts of the day or night assistant general secretary, vice-chairperson and general secretary. In addition, the students also voted for their class representatives.

FAS, which is not affiliated to any political party, was formed in the aftermath of police intervention to break a hunger strike by the university students in June 2005 to protest the expulsion of three students. The SFI, the students’ wing of the CPM, controlled the students’ union for the past 11 years. Last year, FAS had wrested the vice-chairperson’s seat from the SFI.

The Nandigram issue was a major campaign plank against the party this year. “We will work on student-related issues without interference from any outside body,” said vice-chairperson Adhikary on Wednesday. “For instance, we have been mobilising support for a movement demanding better placements.” “Even a few years back, there was a feeling that the SFI could not be beaten without political backing. Last year’s results showed it could be achieved. This year’s results reflect a change in the mindset of the students,” added Adhikary.

SFI leaders said the verdict was “not unexpected”, but the margin of defeat came as a surprise. The expected margin of defeat was about 200 votes, but FAS won by more than double the figure.

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SFI,Wiped out in college polls

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 28, 2007

Courtesy Revolutionary path

Today SFI, the student’s wing of CPM, a social fascist, terrorist party in west bengal province of India was decisively defeated in the election to the Arts Faculty student’s union(AFSU) in Jadavpur University in kolkata. They lost all the four portfolio seats to FAS(Forum for Arts Students) a newly formed organisation.

Jadavpur University is one of the most prominent and prestigious universities in India. Not only because of it’s academic excellence but also the history of glorious student’s struggle right from the 50’s and 60’s. It was the storm center of the naxalite movement of the 70’s.

However SFI, a criminal organisation dominated by lumpens and thugs have been holding the arts faculty union for the past 8 years by using different fair and unfair tactics. But the students have now made it quite clear that they will not tolerate this tactics of intimidation to continue naymore. They will not allow their beloved university and its honour be trampled by the pseudo-leftist,criminals.

This election mandate also reflects the growing disdain that is prevailing among the students and youth of west bengal about the bourgeois policy of the West Bengal government to grab the land of poor peasants and give it to the profit monger MNCs to satisfy their ugly hunger.

SFI had made this so-called pseudo-industrialisation an issue and has got a slap from the student community. The students of Jadavpur University have categorically rejected the anti-people economic policy of the CPM(Left front0 govt. and their politics of terrorism , mass murder and mass rape.

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