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Statement on Gujarath Fake Encounter killing Comm…

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 11, 2007

Statement on Gujarath Fake Encounter killing

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

Press Release

May 8, 2007

The brutal murder of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Kausar Bi in November 2005 in Ahmedabad after arresting them from a bus in Hyderabad is only the tip of the iceberg of the cruel deeds and inhuman acts of the lawless police system in India. The khaki-clad criminals had proved themselves to be paid mercenaries as they had murdered Sohrabuddin after their pockets were filled by the builder lobby of Gujarat and Rajasthan for the ghastly act. And to eliminate all evidence of the gruesome murder they murdered Kauser Bi three days after the murder of her husband at a farmhouse in Gandhi Nagar and her body was burnt in the ravines in Illol village in Sabarkantha district. Kausar Bi was also raped which has become the natural fate of any woman in police custody. These IPS criminals, with the full backing of the BJP governments in Gujarat and Rajasthan, had also eliminated the only remaining eye-witness to their arrest in Hyderabad, Tulsiram Prajapati, in December 2006.

The arrest of the three IPS officers—DIG Vanzara and SPs, Raj Kumar Pandian of Gujarat and Dinesh Kumar of Rajasthan, and their suspension after more than a week following the arrests, is a mere eye-wash as the killings were carried out clearly at the behest of Narendra Modi, the trader lobby and the political big-wigs of the BJP. The Congress, which has been clamouring for the resignation of Narendra Modi, is no less a culprit as its government in AP led by fascist YSR had fully cooperated with the BJP governments in Gujarat and Rajasthan in the illegal arrest of Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bi.

The Gujarat fake encounter is only one of thousands of such cases that have been taking place in various states in the country. In Kashmir alone over 70,000 youth had been killed after being arrested and several women were raped in the past two decades. Mass demonstrations against illegal arrests, murder and rape by the Army besides the central and state police forces have become a daily feature of Kashmir. And these repressive forces are also obsessed with communal bias, particularly against the Muslims, which makes the atrocities more brutal and inhuman.

Mass murders, fake encounter killings, brutal torture and rape, are an inseparable part of the state system in our country. Whether it is the government ruled by BJP or Congress, TDP, DMK or AIDMK, RJD or BJD, or the so-called Left like the CPI(M), or whichever party is in power, it basically relies on state terror and state-sponsored terror to control the masses and to eliminate the opposition. The police, para-military forces and the Indian armed forces are all adept in staging fake encounters and committing indescribable atrocities whether it is on the revolutionaries and the struggling masses in Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Bengal, Maharashtra, MP, UP, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the national liberation fighters in Kashmir and North East, Muslims in various parts of the country, particularly in states such as Gujarat. The rape and murder of Manorama in Manipur highlights the plight of women under virtual Army rule in North East. Besides, daily killings of petty criminals, rape and killing of arrested women is a feature of these trigger-happy cruel forces.

The AP police are even more notorious than their Gujarat counterparts in staging fake encounters. They had committed the worst atrocities during the Congress rule under Vengal Rao, Janardhan Reddy and the present YSR’s fascist murdering almost 2000 revolutionaries and sympathizers while over a thousand murders were committed during the nine-year rule of the TDP. AP can boast of several Vanzaras who had committed brutal murders after arrests and torture and all of them had got away unscathed as it had always been the policy of the successive governments to carry out fake encounters. Murderous DGPs like HJ Dora, Ramulu, Swaranjit Sen, DIGs like Gautam Sawang, Aravinda Rao, SPs like Balasubramanyam, Srinivasa Reddy, DT Naik, Surendra Babu, Praveen Kumar, Meena, Stephen Ravindra, Murali and many others are all masters in the art of torture and murder of revolutionaries. And all these criminals received promotions and huge incentives from the government for committing these murders. In just over two years since January 2005, YSR’s Congress government in AP had murdered several leaders like Vadkapur Chandramouli, Gautam, Jagadeesh, Samala Venkatesh, Jangaiah, Mohan, Karuna and over three hundred revolutionaries and sympathizers after arresting them. And each of these officers is corrupt to the very core as the case of Murali, the SP of Vishakha rural, who is presently in jail for amassing illegal assets to the tune of Rs. 30 crores, clearly shows.

The atrocities in Chattisgarh especially since the launching of the state-sponsored salwa judum two years ago, outstrip the Gujarat fake encounter. Over 500 adivasis had been murdered in the past two years, over 60,000 adivasis were uprooted from the villages, property worth several hundred crores of rupees was destroyed by the armed thugs belonging to the state police, the central forces and the salwa judum goons, and several women were raped. Just a month ago, on March 31, seven tribals were picked up from Ponjer village in Bijapur district and murdered in cold blood by the police-salwa judum gangs. And DGP OP Rathore, the butcher who organized this gory massacre, roams freely in Raipur, fuming against Naxal “atrocities” in true Hitlerian style and justifying this heart-chilling massacre.

Gujarat fake encounter reveals the real face of the political system in India. It is not an exception but the rule in present-day India. It had come into focus only because of the serious internal contradictions within the BJP and among the various ruling class parties. No political party is really serious in stopping the fake encounters as brutal repression is the very basis for the survival of these parties.

The CC, CPI(Maoist) calls upon all the democratic organizations and individuals, people of various nationalities oppressed by the Indian state, and the oppressed masses of the country to build a strong, united and militant mass movement demanding an end to fake encounters, illegal arrests, torture and atrocities against the people by the police, para-military and the Army, and to punish the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.



Central Committee,


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Friends, We got the following statements from an …

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 10, 2007

Friends, We got the following statements from an unknown individual email ID

Statement on 150th anniversary of
the first war of Independence

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

Press Release

May 5, 2007




Exactly 150 years ago on May 10th the first salvo of this great rebellion was fired. What started as a mutiny of the Indian soldiers soon turned into a prairie fire and became a great people’s war. This people’s war engulfed large parts of India embracing Oudh, Rohilkhand, Bundelkhand, Sagar, Narmada, Nagpur, Hyderabad, many districts of Bihar, Agra, Meerut, Punjab, Delhi, parts of Bengal and other places. In magnitude, depth, as also in significance, this rebellion was unparalleled in the long history of both independent and colonial India. Primarily anti-colonial, it was at the same time directed against the feudal forces. It was the soldiers of Meerut who set the ball rolling on the 10th of May. Mutinies followed in several stations of the north. In Bundelkhand, Jhansi took the lead. In many areas, British army officials were attacked and killed. At Jhansi, the rebel soldiers released all prisoners.

But this no longer remained a revolt of the armed forces. It spread to the entire peasantry and artisans. A few weeks after the Revolt began, British rule was virtually wiped out in north India. In all cases of rural uprising, violence was directed against those institutions of power with which they interacted directly and immediately, namely tehsils and thanas. Thanas and tahsils were attacked, records destroyed and government officials driven out. All vestiges of colonial rule were in the process eliminated. While confiscating the ill-gotten property was the principal form by which people asserted their power, arming themselves was the principal means by which they did so. The weapons chosen were anything that was available from matchlocks, spears, scythes, and iron-bound lathis, axes, etc to weapons seized from the British. British political power and that of their lackeys were practically demolished over entire Northern India.

The revolutionaries set up their own ‘Court of Administration’ for an independent India free from foreign control. It was set up with representatives from soldiers and civilians with two representatives each from the infantry, cavalry and infantry and four from the civilians. Each of these representatives was elected by majority vote from their own constituencies. This smaller body elected a president and a vice-president by a majority vote. This supreme body acted in a judicial capacity and also established different courts for discharge of judicial duties. Taking of bribes and other malpractices were firmly suppressed. The body took upon itself the task of administration of the land, maintenance of peace and order in the captured territories, collection of loans from the mahajans and the conduct of war. The emperor exercised no control over these affairs.

Not only did the militant masses fight the British and their lackeys they also established a new power in a rudimentary form. Such is the heroic history of this great uprising, which is as relevant today as it was over 150 years back. The direct British colonial rule has been replaced by the neo-colonial rule of the imperialists. The country continues being robbed through indirect means ever since the so-called independence of 1947. This robbery has increased phenomenally ever since the implementation of the policies of imperialist globalization in the country. The loot of our country today by the imperialists and their lackeys has reached gigantic proportions. Nothing but another Great War for Indian Independence can save this country from total devastation. On this occasion of this 150th Anniversary it is only such a message that must be sent to the vast masses of our motherland. It must be shown that if the masses revolt it is possible to seize power and smash the rule of the robbers, both Indian and foreign.

Today, while all establishment parliamentary parties are celebrating the event they are primarily doing so to hide their outright betrayal of the country and its people to the imperialists, particularly the US. While taking up a mass campaign we must expose their hypocrisy and false pretenses. We must call on the masses to continue in the revolutionary traditions of 1857 and also Bhagat Singh whose birth centenary is being celebrated this year. Both represent the great anti-imperialist and patriotic traditions of the masses of our country which is being taken forward by the Maoists and other democratic and revolutionary forces of the country.

Let us turn this 150th year of the historic 1857 uprising and Bhagat Singh birth centenary into a great festival of revolt in all parts of the country. Let us build this anti-imperialist tempo in every nook and corner of the country; starting from May 10th and culminating in huge actions/meetings/celebrations on Sept.28, the birth centenary day of Bhagat Singh.



Central Committee,


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Condemn the continuing police attacks on the Maoi…

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 10, 2007

Condemn the continuing police attacks on the Maoist forces in Haryana

Communist Party of India (Maoist)
Central Committee

Press Release

3rd May 2007

Condemn the continuing police attacks on the Maoist forces in Haryana!

Build a massive movement to fight back the multi-pronged offensive of the reactionary Indian ruling classes!!

Unnerved by reports of the successful completion of the Congress by the Maoists and the resistance by the people in several parts of the country led by the Maoists, the Indian ruling classes had stepped up their offensive on the Maoist revolutionaries and their supporters countrywide. The continuing arrests of revolutionary activists in Haryana is part of this countrywide multi-pronged offensive unleashed by the Indian ruling classes in collusion with the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists.

Today the people at large are opposing the treacherous plan of the traitors ruling our country to forcibly acquire prime agricultural lands of the peasants and giving them away to the big business houses, imperialist MNCs and other mafia gangs in the name of setting up SEZs. They are opposing the creation of hundreds of neo-colonial enclaves in the country—private states within the state similar to the old princely states—where the laws of the land do not apply and the big corporate houses and the imperialists can rule at their own sweet will. Huge so-called development projects initiated by the Central and various state governments are displacing lakhs of people from their homes and hearths. The CPI(Maoist) had openly declared that it will oppose this treacherous plan of the SEZs and the massive displacement of people tooth and nail and has been mobilising the masses against these. The living conditions of the Indian people are worsening day by day due to the pro-imperialist and anti-people policies of globalization, liberalization and privatization pursued by the Central and state governments whichever Party is in power. There is no other option before the people than to take up a life-and-death battle against these anti-people policies as the struggles in Kalinga Nagar Nadigram, Singur etc show.

It is in such a backdrop that the attacks on the Maoist and other democratic forces have been growing by the day. The aim of the ruling classes is to make the people leaderless by arresting or eliminating the Maoists and other democratic forces. While protecting the reactionary decadent feudal forces in the state the Haryana government is hell-bent on setting up several SEZs in the state by selling off the land and resources and granting huge concessions to the big business houses and the MNCs. In order to accomplish this it had unleashed a brutal terror campaign on all fighting forces. It had arrested five comrades last fortnight and is continuing the arrests and harassment of activists and supporters of the revolutionary movement ever since.

We call upon all democratic forces and people at large to oppose these attacks on the Maoists and all those fighting for the rights of the people, fight for their unconditional release, and to unite to build a mass democratic movement against growing state terror, SEZs, displacement of the people and the anti-people policies of the government.



Central Committee,


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Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 6, 2007



Respected Editors, Reporters and Representatives of the media, struggle greetings to you. We are sending this press release regarding government approach towards people; it’s anti people stance and other issues.

Requesting to consider this for the favour of publication in the esteemed media.

Yours in Struggle,

For the State Committe

CPI (Maoist) Karnataka



Press Release

Karnataka government is grabbing by force, poor people’s land in the name of encroachment or illegal holdings. In Bengalooru thousands of acres of such lands of the poor and slum dwellers are grabbed forcefully by the government in the name of rule of law! Etc. Government dealt unlawfully and mercilessly with the protesting poor people without sparing women and children. They were beaten, vulgarly abused and dragged out, booked under several cases by the state police and officials.They were throwing away even from their makeshift huts also.Government literally buldoging their lives without sparing even women and children.They were pushing towards suicide by the democratic !? government.

Chief Minister H.D. Kumara Swami’s much publicized anti land grabbing measures targeted poor and slum dwellers only. Not acted against big corporate houses, big real estate people, big politicians, big landlords who are holding hundreds and thousands of acres illegally of public land. Contrarily those forcefully confiscated lands of the poor are handing over to the same above said people, in the guise of public auction by projecting as fetching crores of rupees income to the government. This is nothing but government’s well carved anti people stance and it acting as an agent of big corporate houses etc. This is not other than conspiracy of government and big corporate houses and real estate people etc, against the people of the land. These are all implementing in the name of law.

Recently another such draconian law passed in the assembly i.e. Karnataka land revenue (amendment) act. It provides arresting and fining people, who are in public lands.
In Western Ghats, government is moving towards eviction of the poor and landless peasants by different means. In Thatkola of Mudigere, evicted people without paying basic minimum compensation as per their assurance prior to the eviction. They become homeless and landless. Recent rains, smashed their make shift huts also. This is repeating in Devanahalli,Baagalakota of Bijapur etc. They were thrown from hot pan into the burning fire. It was similar in the case of Seabird, Kaiga,Nagarahole,Bandipur, etc. Other such incidents are happening in malnad , karavali and other area.

In Nandikur of Dakshina Kannada eviction Process is going on. Government joined its hands with Nagarjuna Company, by giving all support and protection to its anti people moves. Neglecting people’s severe opposition to the project, government and its agencies are indulging in all practices of diffusing people’s movement by buying leaders, dividing people by bribes, instigating groupism, playing cheap election politics etc. Some of its leaders are compromised with the company itself.

In Gundya near Sakleshpur government protecting upcoming private power project-which is against to the interests of the people of the land- without considering people’s dissent there. Another power project in Tadadi of north canara, proposed to come inspite of people’s opposition to it.

Several reports of oppression, exploitation, social boycott, murder and attacks on daliths and women are coming from all parts of Karnataka. It is increasing, state and its organs are directly or indirectly involving, supporting in most of the cases.

Communal violence is growing, by ill fabricated plans of communal and state forces.
Farmer’s suicides are increasing rapidly; this affected all most all districts of the state, irrespective of irrigated and non-irrigated area. Recent sugar cane grower’s and tomato grower’s problems are the fuel to the burning fire.

Roadside vendors, petty businessmen, small and middle scale industries are in the brink of crisis-created by ruling class by imperialist globalization and opening retail sector to foreign and comprador bourshoiesies such as Wall mart, Metro, Reliance, Sunilmittals etc. Enable to get control over all retail market; they are playing all anti people cruel games jointly with governments. Several SEZ’s are upcoming, peasants of Hassan entered into the field of struggle against the formation of SEZ there. Such, more than 30 SEZs are coming in the state; lakhs of hectares of agricultural lands of the people are handing over to the foreign and comprador corporate by the government.

Displacement and destruction of people’s life are the order of the day. It may in the name of beautification of cities, forest and environment protection, water projects, power projects, mining projects, expressways, shopping malls, SEZ’s, SAZ’s (special agricultural zones) etc.

We can say that all these projects are against the interests of the people and the country itself. This is intensification of neocolonial loot and exploitation by the imperialist masters and their stooges. Governments are puppets under them.

Recent budgets of the state and center are looks like pro people and development oriented. Some policies like tribal bill are looking like pro people ones. It contains popular schemes and attractive plans. These are directly linked with imperialist and comprador’s upcoming projects and plans. These are all sweet-layered deadly poisons, to make people to chew and swallow it them selves.

Karnataka government’s recent budget contains several these types of attractive incentives to the people. It announced arrack ban, lottery ban, and waiver of farmer’s loans, liberal donations to the Hindu religious institutions etc. It also contains cheap election gimmicks and dangerous communal agenda of further fascisising the ruling system and organizing people into that trap by the state.

All these exercises are for evading public unrest and revolt against the government and their masters. To intensify further efforts of suppression on revolutionary armed struggles and other struggles. By that, creating favourable condition for the imperialists and comprador’s plan of intensified loot and exploitation.

Actually arrack ban is for providing arrack market to foreign and comprador corporate distilleries, they are now releasing wines, whisky etc, in small bottles or sachets with relatively lower prices to grab arrack market. Lottery ban’s drama already exposed as it came back by court’s help. Then waiver of farmers loan not yet reached to the dieing and common peasants. At the same time tax concessions, tax holidays, giving capital loans with less interest or without interest in essence; free or cheap land, water and power provision for IT,BT,and other big industry etc, running unhinderly and also increasing rapidly.

If we analyze those popular budgets and its schemes, we can conclude that it will not be implemented in the interests of the people. It is a hoax and conspiracy for intensified loot, suppression and sufferings of people of the land. H.D. Kumaraswamy’s village stay is also one of hoax dramas for hiding his government’s anti people acts and policies.

We are strongly condemning all these anti people acts, policies of the government and opposing state violence and human right abuse on people, in pretext of implementing these ill intentional plans and schemes

We insist to stop immediately all imperialist and comprador schemes and plans


We are demanding immediate withdrawal of all false cases on agitating people, who are struggling for life and land.

Punish those officials who are indulging in imposing violence on people by violating their own law.

We appeal all poor and common people to fight resolutely and unitedly, by all means to safeguard their life and land by avoiding all election politicians and parties. Do not heed to ruling class’s attractively fabricated conspiracies of suppression. That is only the way for survival, development and construction of new democratic society.

We appeal all pro people democratic forces to rise their voices against government move on common people, expose those anti people schemes and plans of government before the people and support peoples struggles.

With revolutionary greetings,

For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)Karnataka

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CPI(Maoist)Karnataka press release on land revenue act

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 14, 2007

Respected editors, reporters and other representatives of the media, struggle greetings to you.
We are sending this press release with concern of recent Karnataka govt’s amendment to land revenue act. For recovering govt lands.
Requesting to publish this in the media.
Yours in struggle Gangadhara
For the the statecommittee CPI (MAOIST)Karnataka

Karnataka assembly passed an act, draconian in nature, on grabbing and encroachment of govt lands. It provides the authority to arrest and send to jail land grabbers and encroachers with 10000 rupees fine. It was said that this act is for punishing those rich and real estate people who commit these crimes. This act passed without much discussion in the floor of the house and outside the house. Chief minister orally assured that this act would not harm interests of the poor. But there is no provision for the same in the act so far. This shows the real nature of the act, govt intended to implement.

This is nothing but getting further legality to the anti people activities of the govt, which is vacating forcefully the slum dwellers, poor and middle peasants, small businessmen in the name of beautifications of the city, national parks, reserve forests, sanctuaries, dams, mines, power projects, forest protection, sezs etc. These are all according to the dictates of the imperialists and comprador bureaucratic bourshoisies.

In Bangalore and other cities, vacating slum dwellers forcefully without any minimum human considerations are going on. In Western Ghats and coastal Karnataka, govt is trying to dislocate tribals and other peasants from their birthplace. Most of them are not having any records of their own. So called democratic govts, not provided any records for these small pieces of land holdings up to now. All these people will become culprits in the eyes of these rules and any concerned official can send these people into the jails without any queries. Such a draconian act enacted without much opposition. Few opposition parties queried for the namesake only. They are not having any real concern to the poor people. They are conniving with this conspiracy.

In reality all laws and rules are only applicable to poor and down trodden, not applied to big landlords, big business houses, ruling class politicians etc. This is prevailing in ‘independent’ and ‘democratic’ India as well Karnataka.

The ruling class politicians, big planters, imperialist companies, big industrialists, they grabbed thousands of hectares and still grabbing land in daily manner. Does this government confiscate those? Or stop those? Never. Then what is the purpose of the act? Only to getting control over the common people’s land and paving the way for smooth hand over of land to the above said schemes of imperialists and big business houses. State and central govt is handing over thousands of acres of land to the sez etc, where no rules of the land apply. It is nothing but fortifications like advanced British east India Company. We can imagine, what is the govt’s approach towards the common people, west Bengal’s nandigram, singur, recent examples is there. Karnataka’s Thatkola,Kundur, Sargod of Mudigere taluk etc, are there.

Last year district collector and police superintendent of Chickmagalore district took initiative by using stipulated law to distribute encroached lands of the planters to dislocated people of Thatkola. But not left to materialized. Consequence was punishment of transfer and harassment to them. This is the reality of Indian democracy and it’s ruling system.
We strongly oppose this act and demanding the government to withdraw it immediately.
Frame suitable law to confiscate all extra and illegal lands of the big landlords, big planters, big industrialists, real estate agents, politicians, and religious institutions etc.and implement it.
It should be distributed to landless and poor people with records.

We are strongly demanding to give records to poor people for their land holdings where they are living now.

We urge govt to give back all confiscated lands of the poor and common people for the benefit of imperialists, big business houses etc. with compensation for the loss.
We call upon all poor and landless people to stood firmly to safeguard lives and land with all preparations to fight back govt’s ill fabricated laws and actions. Expose all election parties and wage struggle to confiscate all extra and illegal lands of big land lords, big business houses, imperialist companies, religious institutions, big politicians etc and distributing the same to the common people.

We are appealing to all progressive, democratic forces to oppose this act and struggle against these anti people law enacting. Pressurize govt to confiscate extra and illegal lands with proper framing and implementation of law.

With revolutionary greetings

For the state committee
CPI (Maoist )Karnataka


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Naxal Revolution Communist Party Of India (Ma…

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 9, 2007

Naxal Revolution

Communist Party Of India


Bengal-Jharkhand-Orissa Regional Committee


An Open Letter To

Sudhir Mahato, Dy. CM of Jharkhand

To Date – 08-04-07

Mr. Sudhir Mahato

Dy. Chief Minister


Mr. Mahato,

Our Party has boldly carried out people’s verdict by executing the leader of Nagarik Suraksha Samiti (NSS) and MP of your party on 4th March 2007. Since then you have been issuing false statements from time to time purportedly denigrating the CPI (Maoist) and its role in the state. Your aim and motive is clear to the people. However, we feel it right to challenge your statements and warn you against letting loose a barrage of lies cooked up at the diktat of corporate houses, native and foreign and the state’s landed gentry. With all this, in order to cover up the failures of your government – a visible symbol of betrayal of the much-propagated cause of the common masses of Jharkhand – you the people in power are trying to attack us, sending troops to create white terror by regular combings and savage brutalities. We have the right to answer all such fascist methods in a befitting manner.

To come to your false propaganda about your espousing the cause of the Jharkhandis, we iterate it clear and loud that you have betrayed them in every conceivable way. You and your party’s high-flying corrupt leaders have proved traitors to the long-cherished dream of a democratic Jharkhand or Lalkhand, free from loot, oppression and plunders of the exploiters. You claim to be do-gooders of the common people. It is down right falsehood. Your statements against the Maoists’ activities for the Jharkhandis in East Singhbhum are all nonsense. Is it not a fact like the daylight that the oppressed Santali, Bhumij, Urav, Munda, Ho Adivasis and other non-Adivasis have rallied en masse behind our Party that has been leading their struggles for an exploitation free Jharkhand? Can you suppress the fact that you and your party leaders have turned into confirmed oppressors and mafia gang leaders who have amassed huge fortunes overnight? Can you prove with a single instance that the JMM leaders are not the faithful dalals and chamchas of the Tatas, Jindals, Mittals and many multinational companies who are out to loot Jharkhand and its people.

You the people are glorifying the notorious MP Sunil Mahato and trying to project Sunil as an honest leader killed by the Maoists. Can you explain how come Sunil, born in a middle peasant family, turned into a Karodpati as your party leader? You are equating the Nirmal Mahato – a genuine fighter against the Tatas and brutally murdered by the mafia gang engaged by the Tatas while calling him for a talk over displacement of Adivasis in 1987 – with the anti-people, mafia gang backer, fortune and power seeker notorious MP Sunil Mahato. Why this need to undermine the great image of the martyr Nirmal Mahato along with the Maoist revolutionaries? We punished Sunil Mahato and explained to the masses why we were forced to kill him. You propagate that we the Maoists are in for indiscriminate killing without people’s support. It is a dirty propaganda. We never touch anyone for punishment until and unless the person(s) and reactionary(ies) become confirmed enemy(ies) of the people. People’s court ( Jana Adalat) comprising the common masses decides on the punishment and only then it is executed by our PLGA with the active support of the masses. We adopted the same method while executing the people’s enemy, Mr. Sunil Mahato.

Mr. Sudhir, your friend Sunil Mahato was traveling in the same boat as you are doing now. From 2003 onwards whenever Sunil Mahato set his foot on East Singhbhum, he chose to provoke the masses against us, against our movement for an exploitation – free Jharkhand. He stood by the NSS. The criminal gang leaders Shankar and Dhanai were his right and left hands to execute his game plan in the district. His execution was according to the people’s verdict.

You and your colleagues are falsely preaching that Sunil was executed as he refused to comply with the monetary demand of the Maoists. It is dirty lie. This false propaganda has been manufactured to tarnish the revolutionary, dedicated image of the CPI (Maoist). We never execute a criminal like Sunil Mahato for petty money mater. What your dishonest criminal leaders can commit for grabbing the ill-gotten money we the Maoists simply hate it and can not permit such practice.

You the hated yes-men of the corporate houses and World Bank have given the call for Sendra campaign against us. You like the BJP and the Congress in Chhattisgarh are saying that such a campaign will being peace in Jharkhand by eliminating the Maoists. We declare that we are prepared to give a fitting reply to your fascist campaign. Remember it that when the Lango and other incidents of well-planned murders of our comrades were taking place the home minister of the erstwhile NDA had taken a resolution on such a murderous game plan. Later your guru Shibu Soren too supported such a notorious decision to mass kill our forces. Babulal, Arjun, Koda who became CMs of Jharkhand resorted to the policy of killing Maoists. But what has happened? Have we not got strengthened further and spread to newer areas in Jharkhand after brutal killings of the revolutionary Maoists? The Sendra campaign shall meet the same fact as the Salwa Judum has met in Chhattisgarh.

Listen, Mr. Sudhir Mahato and read the writing on the walls. Don’t think that the Jharkhandis will spare the notorious high priests of the JMM who only know how best to amass fortunes by all dishonest means being a part and parcel of the exploitative system controlled by the Tatas, Jindals, Mittals various MNCs and feudal landlords. Don’t forget that despite your false propaganda along with campaigns by the state’s armed forces the people of Jharkhand are advancing forward to establish an exploitation-free Jharkhand where Adivasis can live enjoying independence to develop their language, culture and to ensure basic rights to livelihood.

We stand by the people of Jharkhand.

Victory to the revolutionary people of Jharkhand.


              CPI (Maoist)

Bengal-Jharkhand-Orissa Regional Committee

Hindustan Times

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Friend, It’s an old statement by CPI(Maoist) Centr…

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 5, 2007

Friend, It’s an old statement by CPI(Maoist) Central Military Commission

Message of the CMC on the Occasion of Fourth Anniversary of the PLGA

Dear comrades,

We feel extremely proud to tell you that on 21st September, 2004, along with the merger of the two Maoist parties of the country – the CPI(ML)(PW) and the MCCI and the formation of Communist party of India(Maoist) — their two guerrilla armies have also become one. The merger of these two guerrilla armies – the PGA and PLGA is a historic event that will be remembered for ever. With this merger, the newly formed PLGA is the outcome of the dreams of thousands of immortal martyrs who have sacrificed their lives.

In India’s history, 2nd December 2000, was that first day when the struggling guerrilla fighters tempered for a long period in the agrarian revolutionary struggle being carried on under the leadership of the CPI(ML)(PW), on the first anniversary of the martyrdom of their three central leaders – comrades Shyam, Mahesh and Murali on 2nd December 1999 — formed the People’s Guerrilla Army. A similar memorable day was 22nd April, 2003 when the fighting guerrillas tempered for a long time in the agrarian revolutionary struggle, under the leadership of the MCCI, announced the formation of their strong military organisation the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. Although, both these armies were formed under the leadership of two different parties, they were the same in essence. Today, their merger is really a significant event. The newly formed PLGA is that section of the country’s revolutionary people, which is fighting for smashing imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism, the enemies of more than one hundred crore of the country’s population. This has been formed with a conscious, armed and organised people and is a true military organisation of the people in a real sense. The spirit of serving the people and true commitment for the party, revolution and people are its characteristics that make it very popular.

The newly formed PLGA is the beacon light of the oppressed people of India, when the people have plunged into protracted people’s war with the firm determination of fighting to the finish, the exploitation and oppression of imperialist-feudal rule. Today, not only in India but in the entire world, the entire people, including workers, peasants, students, youth, intellectuals, women, artists, small shopkeepers, small and medium businessmen, traders, teachers, doctors, lawyers and all progressive and patriotic forces are strongly opposing imperialism, specially its leader American imperialism and its stooges, in some form or the other. The star of people’s war is shining high in India, Nepal, Peru, Philippines and even Turkey. At the same time, in some places in the country, nationality movements are getting sharpened and elsewhere the spontaneous struggles of the broad sections of people against famine, starvation, inflation, unemployment etc are surfacing. The anger of the people is bursting against floods and famines, and in some places against liberalisation, privatization and globalisation elsewhere. In such a situation, all the weapons of the ruling classes that were being used to render directionless the movements for the just demands of the people or to crush them in the name of peaceful methods, have now become blunt. Even weapons like communalism, chauvinism, casteist riots have become useless. The ruling classes have been compelled to adopt newer and newer cruel methods of repression through the state in order to protect its class. With the tearing up of all the masks of the enemy, their actual frightening face has been uncovered. People are beginning to realize that the path of armed struggle is the only real path for the solution of their problems. In such a favourable revolutionary situation, the emergence of newly formed PLGA really has infinite significance.

The PLGA is an army that is led by the party of the proletarian class i.e.- – the Communist party of India (Maoist), based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. This army, composed of worker-peasant toiling people, steeled in the furnace of armed revolutionary guerrilla war and protracted people’s war of India, is the army of the people. This is inspired by the most scientific ideal of the world, the great ideal of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and it is an integral part of liberation army of the world proletariat. Who can harm an army which is full of the spirit of love for the country, deep regard for the people, spirit of serving the people with love and faith and whose young fighters have firm faith in their ultimate victory and who are skilled in the war of fighting against the enemy by integrating with the people like fish in the water?

Today our PLGA faces many important challenges. We have to accept those challenges and in order to firmly face any challenge, howsoever big it might be, we will have to move ahead increasing our strength, capacity, resolve and will power. Today, PLGA’s principal and central task is to transform ourselves into a fully developed People’s Liberation Army and to establish red base areas in planned strategic areas surrounded by guerrilla areas. This task is difficult but possible. Today, in various parts of the country, especially in AP, Jharkhand, Bihar and DK and many adjoining areas, vast guerrilla areas exist where it is possible to implement the tactics of guerrilla struggle. PLGA is also doing the same in those areas. In these areas which have dense mass base and which are geographically favourable; people have also become used to harming the enemy in one way or the other in the course of facing the attacks and suppression –oppression of enemy during the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war, continuing for a long time. And today, an all India true Maoist party is present. And also present is a concrete base for independent economic new construction. Therefore, it can be said that the task of establishment of red base areas, despite being difficult, is possible today. For this, first of all, it is important to uproot the remaining military power of enemy from the pre-planned strategic areas through continuous tactical counter attacks on them. Only after that, it is possible to form a government of workers, peasants and soldiers i.e. a true people’s government.

The primary and basic precondition for the transformation and maintenance of PLGA into PLA i.e. People’s liberation army, is the establishment of base areas. Without properly coordinating and advancing the interrelations between armed agrarian revolution, people’s army and base area, it is certainly not possible to take agrarian revolution to higher stage create countrywide upsurge and advancing like waves, to free the entire country from the exploitation – rule of imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism and to build a new democratic state by completing the new democratic revolution. Comrade Mao has said about the tasks of red army – when the red army fights, it is not merely for the sake of fighting but it fights to mobilize, organise and arm the people and to help the people in establishing its revolutionary political power. Without these objectives, fighting becomes meaningless and it is useless to continue the red army. Keeping this in mind only, apart from fighting the military forces of the enemy, the PLGA will have to make the masses of people politically more conscious, will have to organise and arm the people and at the same time, will have continuously increase in numbers and consolidate its three basic forces – village defence squads, people’s militia; LRGS and SRGS, platoons and companies. It will also have to help the people in every possible way to take the armed mass resistance to even higher level. It will have to completely help them to establish their red political power and will have to make armed seizure campaign like Koraput(Orissa) and glorious and developed guerrilla ambush like Saranda (Jharkhand) as models and will have to make plans for and implement many fights like this.

In today’s circumstances, PLGA will be able to continue its struggle and to take it to higher and higher stage only when it becomes self reliant in every matter. PLGA will have to arrange for its food, medicine, clothing, arms, ammunition etc itself, will have to keep itself informed about every possible activity of the enemy and on that basis will have to decide its tactics and make a plan accordingly and implement it. For this, it will have to establish its intelligence, will have to establish its communication system, form commands, will have to maintain their mutual relations and will always have to keep initiative in its hands and will have to develop all kinds of mechanisms essential for all this. Today the state machinery of the enemy class, is centralizing its forces by forming the joint operational command. They are carrying on the campaign of all round attack on us. They are destroying us by centralizing special task force, commando, greyhound and various kinds of trained military and paramilitary forces which are part of JOC. Keeping this understanding in mind, PLGA will have to do multi-pronged counter attacks on the enemy also by forming its own joint operational commands in various guerrilla areas. In this way, it will have to conduct the campaign for destroying the enemy by launching strong attacks on the enemy one by one with the help of its big formations and will have to advance this campaign. We will have to implement comrade Mao’s directives about guerrilla war skillfully. He said – when you want to fight us, you can’t even find us; but when we want to fight you, we certainly find you and definitely eliminate you. you fight in your own way and we fight in our way. We only fight when we can win; and where there is no possibility of victory, we retreat from there. He said further that the objective of the war is to destroy the enemy and to protect ourselves. In fact we can protect ourselves in the real sense only through destroying the enemy on a large scale.

We can implement these tactics only when we fully integrate with the people. Therefore we should always deal with the people not in bureaucratic way but in a flexible and democratic way and should establish close relations with the people. At the same time, it should participate in production relations and also be conscious and make the people conscious towards protection of the environment.

In the end, we appeal to all the branches of PLGA that according to the call of the times, to intensify the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war and armed mass resistance and spread it to all corners of the country in order to make its forces even more broad, vast and consolidated. For this, move ahead in that direction of becoming self-reliant. Simultaneously, recruit the vast young men and women, and boys and girls, take steps to form new platoons, companies and even further, battalions. By participating in all the occasions of happiness and sorrow the people, and solving the contradictions between them in a friendly manner, we can mobilize them in large numbers in revolutionary fights and resistance struggles. At the same time, it will have to establish, systematize and properly run all its mechanisms, will have to centralize its forces even more for entering mobile warfare and regular war from guerrilla war and in this way systematizing and disciplining its basic, middle and main forces will have to go on increasing their big formations. In this way, we can the hasten the process of transforming PLGA into PLA, hasten transforming guerrilla areas into base areas and expanding them and through fulfilling these tasks, advance towards your aim by defeating the biggest to biggest strength of enemy.

Courageous comrades of PLGA, our beloved motherland is crying in the chains of imperialist slavery since ages. The broad masses of people are writhing in pain after becoming miserable due to cruel economic – political exploitation – rule and oppression of imperialism and its stooge – feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalist class. In this situation, in order to smash the three enemies and their bureaucratic state machinery which has become burden like a mountain on the shoulders of these people and by achieving victory in liberation war while continuing to serve people, advance with even greater spirit of self sacrifice for building a new and liberated India of the dreams of thousands of martyrs. Ultimate victory will definitely be ours.

1st November, 2004

With revolutionary greetings,



  • Develop and strengthen the PLGA to transform PLGA into PLA!
  • Arouse and organise the people to actively participate in the protracted people’s war conducted with the objective of seizure of power!
  • Help the people in building organisations of their political power!
  • Protect the organisations of people’s political power!
  • Destroy the enemy in a big way by sharpening the guerrilla war!
  • Defeat the all round and multi-pronged attacks of the enemy!
  • Integrate with the people, serve them!
  • PLGA has no interests other than people’s interests!

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Communist Party of India (Maoist) Central Committ…

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

March 15, 2007

Let us wage a united militant struggle to throw out the Social-Fascist Government in West Bengal led by Bengal Dyer Buddhadeb!

Let us turn every SEZ into a Battle Zone like


The massacre of at least 16 peasants (which could actually be higher than 50) and causing injuries to over a hundred people in Nandigram by Buddhadeb’s Hitlerite police force-CPI(M)’s social-fascist armed goons on March 14 brings into one’s mind the ghastly massacre in Jallianwalabagh by the bloodthirsty general Dyer during the British colonial rule. Social-Fascist Buddhadeb has taken the mantle of butcher Dyer by sending over 5000-strong police force and hundreds of armed goons of his Party to pounce upon the peaceful protestors in the proposed SEZ of Nandigram in East Midnapore in order to pave the way for transforming West Bengal into a safe haven for the imperialist MNCs, big Corporate houses, and unscrupulous land mafia. The fleeing people, including women, were chased and killed by these neo-fascist armed gangsters in a way similar to the acts carried out by Hindu chauvinist gangs in Gujarat.

Operation Bloodbath’ at Nandigram is a meticulously planned conspiracy hatched by Buddhadeb’s CPI(M) and Sonia’s UPA government at the Centre in consultation with the big industrial sharks and their imperialist mentors. The worst part of this heart-chilling episode is that Buddhadeb and Prakash Karat had repeatedly assured the people that the proposed SEZ in Nandigram would be shelved and shifted elsewhere if the people did not want it. They had assured that notification for the acquisition of 14,000 acres of land was being withdrawn. Now it has become clear that these double-dealers, like Goebbels, had only used this as a ruse to buy time, and had never any intention to shift the SEZ. Nine peasants were killed in the past few weeks prior to the March 14 massacre In order to serve the MNCs and the industrial houses the so-called Left Front government had decided to seize the multi-crop land of the peasants and build SEZs over the grave-yards of the protesting people. The blood of women and children that flowed in the fields of Nandigram thoroughly exposes the “Left” rhetoric and round-the-clock demagogy by political brokers like Sitaram Yechuri, Brinda Karat, Raghavulu and so on. They organize protests for building their vote bank where they are in opposition but kill the protesting people where they are in power.

Nandigram has proved even to a layman that the rhetoric of these social-fascists is no different from that of National Socialism of Adolf Hitler. Yechuri’s shameless defence of the gory massacre by placing the blame for the violence on the Trinamool and the Maoists is an eye-opener to all those who still believe in the socialist rhetoric of these traitors and goons in the guise of so-called Left. This social-fascist and the most trusted political broker for the imperialists and the Indian Big Business claimed that his “Left” Front government in West Bengal is trying to resolve the issue politically but “outsiders” such as Maoists were trying to incite the people of Nandigram and that the helpless policemen had to fire in self-defence. This hypocrite cannot fool the people by trying to hush up the stark fact that his Party goons and thousands of policemen were sent deliberately to massacre the peaceful protesters, that all those murdered through this state-sponsored terrorism were local peasants including several women, and that this most despicable and bizarre act was carried out to resolve a political movement through the most brutal means. This Indian offspring of Goebbels cannot fool the people through such lies and falsehood to justify the unprovoked firing on the people. The bloodbath of March 14 reveals in naked colours the cruelty and inhumanity of the so-called reforms with a human face peddled by Yechuris, Karats and the like and their fake opposition to the neoliberal policies of privatization-liberalisation-globalisation. No wonder, Ambanis, Tatas, Mittals, Essar Ruias and the imperialist MNCs and the World Bank are itching to bring these social-fascists to power at the Centre as they have proved themselves to be the most loyal servants and their social base can serve to enact social-fascism to suppress people’s struggles.

Today the reactionary ruling classes of the country are bent upon transforming vast tracts of fertile agricultural land into neo-colonial enclaves even if it means enacting blood-baths all over the country. Thousands of crores of rupees have already flown from the big business and imperialist MNCs into the coffers of the Congress, CPI(M) and other political parties. It is clear that the battle-lines are drawn for an uncompromising war between the haves and have-nots, between those who want to turn our mother-land into a haven for the international capital, the Indian big business and the handful of filthy rich on the one hand and the vast majority of the destitute, poverty-stricken masses, particularly the peasantry, on the other. There is no middle ground: either one is with the vast masses or with the filthy rich. 237 SEZs have already been approved and lakhs of acres of fertile agricultural land are being forcibly acquired by the various state and central governments. In Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgrah, AP, Maharashtra, Haryana, and several other states, lakhs of people are rendered homeless due to anti-people projects.

The CPI(Maoist) calls upon the oppressed masses, particularly the peasantry, to transform every SEZ into a battle-zone, to create Kalinga Nagars and Nandigrams everywhere, and to kick out the real outsiders—the rapacious MNCs, comprador big business houses, their dalals and the land mafia—who are snatching away their lands and all means of livelihood and colonizing the country. The CC, CPI(Maoist), vows to extend all support to the struggling masses, to intensify the struggle against all SEZs, and to avenge the massacre in Nandigram. The masses have the right to rebel against injustice, and how ever much Yechuris and Buddhadebs yelp about Maoist incitement, we openly declare to the world that we shall unite the vast masses and lead, participate and extend all support to the people and organizations of our country to unite and fight the imperialist onslaught through the SEZs that is being carried out through their Indian dalals in the Congress, BJP, CPI(M), Samajwadi Party, TDP, DMK, AIDMK and other political parties who are selling away our motherland. CPI(Maoist) calls upon the people of West Bengal to make the state bandh on March 16 a big success and continue the heroic struggle until the SEZs are withdrawn.



Central Committee,


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Statement on Ranibodli counteroffensive operation

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

March 16, 2007

PLGA’s heroic tactical counteroffensive in Chattisgarh is a fitting answer to the brutal state-sponsored terrorist salwa judum campaign!

Revolutionary violence by the oppressed is the only means to defeat the counter-revolutionary violence of the ruling classes!!

The daring tactical counteroffensive operation carried out by the PLGA led by our Party, the CPI(Maoist), on March 16 on a police base camp in Ranibodli in Bijapur district in Chattisgarh in which 55 policemen including 39 Special Police Officers (SPOs) were wiped out is an inevitable consequence of the brutal reign of terror unleashed by the state and central governments in the name of salwa judum. For almost two years since June 2005, the BJP government in Chattisgarh and the Congress-led UPA government in the Centre had sponsored a counterrevolutionary terrorist campaign of mass murder, torture, and arrests of thousands of the adivasi peasantry, gangrapes and murder of hundreds of women, destruction of thousands of houses, foodgrains, and all property of the adivasis, killing or taking away thousands of cattle, forceful evacuation of tens of thousands of people from almost eight hundred villages and issuing threats and intimidation to anyone suspected of being a member of revolutionary mass organization or sympathetic to the Maoists in Dandakaranya, particularly in Dantewara, Bastar, Kanker, Bijapur and Narayanpur districts. Over 5000 youth were inducted into a state mercenary armed force, paid monthly salaries, and pitted against the native adivasis who are fighting for land, livelihood and liberation under the leadership of the CPI(Maoist).

The police, who are scared to fight the Maoists by themselves, use this local mercenary armed force as cannon fodder in the fight against the Maoist movement. The Naga and Mizo Battalions were specially brought in along with a huge CRPF and other special police forces to Chattisgarh who had been committing the most barbaric and inhuman acts against the adivasi population. Over 800 villages were razed to the ground; more than 50,000 people were uprooted from their homes; at least 500 people were murdered in the past two years; hundreds of adivasi women were raped; property worth hundreds of crores of rupees was looted or destroyed by the armed thugs. All these cruel attacks against an entire population are meant to establish peace of the graveyard and clear the way for the unhindered loot by rapacious hawks like Tatas, Ruias, Essars, Mittals, Jindals and imperialist MNCs. Over one lakh rupees worth of MOUs were signed by the Chattisgarh government with these corporate comprador big business houses to drain the rich mineral and forest wealth of the state. At the behest of these day-light robberers, adivasi dalals like opposition leader of the Congress, Mahendra Karma, Home Monister Ramvichar Netham of the BJP and others have been leading this counter-revolutionary war against the adivasi population.

The heroic resistance by the adivasi masses led by CPI(Maoist) had pushed the reactionary rulers to utter desperation. Their much-trumpeted objective of wiping out the revolutionary movement led by Maoists by June 2006 had not only miserably failed but, on the contrary, they themselves are being wiped out by the PLGA and Bhumkal miltia led by the CPI(Maoist). Hence, they had deployed an even larger central force which is now more than 13 battalions, recruited 10 additional battalions of state forces, and inducted even minors of 14 years of age into their mercenary police force. KPS Gill, notorious for the mass murders of youth in Punjab, was specially appointed as advisor to the Chief Minister. A carpet security system is initiated with police camps in close proximity in order to strike terror among the people. In the past five months alone over a hundred adivasi men and women were murdered by these police-mercenary armed gangs. Plans are afoot to deploy the Indian army and to resort to aerial bombardment of the villages and PLGA locations.

We, on behalf of the CC, CPI(Maoist), once again warn the state and central governments that our Bhumkal Sena and PLGA and people will carry out attacks on a much bigger scale if the murder campaign in the name of salwa judum is not disbanded immediately. We declare that the sole responsibility for such needless loss of lives of hundreds of policemen and SPOs lies squarely on the shoulders of the state and central governments. Large-scale armed retaliation by the adivasis led by our Party is inevitable if the atrocities on the adivasi people continue in the name of salwa judum. Like George Bush who can only think in terms of using more brute force to control the fire of national liberation in Iraq, the Indian ruling classes too can only think of sucking in more and more repressive forces in order to suppress the people’s war and grab the mineral wealth of Dandakaranya. However, they will only end up in further escalating the civil war in Dandakaranya. The people of Dandakaranya and our PLGA will certainly fight back the Indian army too if the ruling classes deploy it in Dandakaranya.

We do share the grief of the families of the dead policemen and SPOs but we are being compelled to wipe out the police and mercenary gangs who are obeying the orders of the ruling classes and their imperialist mentors to suppress the revolutionary movement for looting the wealth in the state. We appeal to the jawans of the central forces, particularly the Naga and Mizo battalions, to disobey the orders of the rulers and to withdraw from Chattisgarh. Already over 500 are suffering from falciparum malaria and almost 30 had died of this disease while several were forced to commit suicide under mental distress. We appeal to the SPOs who are being pitted against the adivasi people to quit the mercenary force as they are fighting an unjust war against their own brothers and sisters in the interests of the reactionary rulers. We call upon the democratic organizations and individuals and the vast masses of the country to condemn state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism on the adivasi people of Dandakaranya, to demand immediate disbandment of salwa judum and the mercenary SPO force, to fight for the withdrawal of the notorious central forces from the region, set up a judicial enquiry into the killing of over 500 adivasis by the police-salwa judum mercenary combine, to pre-empt the government’s plans to deploy the Army, and to restore basic human rights of the people. The brutal repression by the state will only beget greater armed resistance of the people. Those who preach non-violence to the Maoists should first fight for the above-mentioned demands to put an end to state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism.



Central Committee,


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CPI (MAOIST)-statement on arrest of the ale editor

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 12, 2007


Press release

Karnataka government had arrested unlawfully, the editor of karavali ale , a kannada eveninger of coastal Karnataka and his wife on night of march 3rd. State government and sangh parivaar jointly harassing press couple by not allowing to get, even, bail so far. Earlier to this their press and residence are attacked by sangh parivaar and damaged the printing and other property. Hands behind these acts were not yet even brought under the law . These acts are totally against to the principles of the so called democracy,freedom of expression and right to information, those whatever ruling classes projecting. These acts exposes once again, the real essence of those much propagated democratic norms and principles. We strongly condemns these undemocratic acts and violation of freedom of press and expression,violation of human rights etc of the fascist JDS-BJP government .

We are insisting immediate release of the press couple. We are demanding to bring those police officials, who are responsible for these anti democratic acts- under punishment. These are all the attempts of further fascisicing the administration and curbing the people’s voice and struggle. Denying the minimum democratic rights . This was experienced in the masterminding and implementation of communal attacks on religious minorities in dakshina kannada, few months back.. The administrative and suppressive bodies like district administration and state police directly joined their hands with sangh parivaar ,ignored administrative and democratic norms and inflicted losses of both human and property to the minorities by loot,arson and killing. These are all heinous crime on humanity perpetrated by state itself.

Recent days these type of attacks are rising alarmingly. Police and administration are trying to mend dissent voices and struggle, according to their norms and wishes. They are directing what to speak , what not to, what to write, what not to,how to conduct struggles and rallies etc and trying to impose those on people and democrats. For this they are adopting all anti people and fascist methods like threatening, harassing,torturing, imposing false cases, stage managing the complaints ,clashes,attacks, killing,using colonial laws etc.

At the same time those acts of law does not applies to sangh parivaar,who are crudely propagating communal hatredness,religious discrimination and caste oppression and also organizing attacks on humanity.

Jainism which emerged through fighting against basically feudal violence and brahminical sanathana dharma, showing intolerance towards freedom of expression and mutual discussion.(samvaada) is not correct and principled one, as through that Jainism got existence.

All pro people and pro democratic organizations , individuals should condemn and protest these type of fascist acts of government and communal forces, as their duty.Otherwise the same will be the their fate in future.

With struggle greetings, Gangadhar (For) state committee
CPI (MAOIST)- Karnataka

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