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Oust Reliance !

Posted by Indian Vanguard on June 4, 2007

Link V Naxal Revolution

Comrade Arasubalraj took part in a massive rally against Reliance Fresh in Chennai,
on 1st of May he posts the following report on his blog.

The meaning of May Day is rubbished in India primarily by the pseudo-communist parties CPI and CPI (M) and by the ruling class parties like Congress, BJP etc., Historically May Day came in to existence to commemorate the Haymarket Martyrs of 1886 who fought for the Eight-Hour work day. The remaining eight-hours other than work and sleep for which the workers fought is not for entertainment as interpreted today. It is for organising the working class to build their future. Hence May Day cannot be celebrated as yet another holiday to rest at home or to distribute sweets as a ceremony to apoliticise and castrate the working class.

With this understanding, People’s and Literary Association (PALA) and its associate organisations namely New Democratic Labour Front (NDLF), Peasants Liberation Front (PLF) and Revolutionary Students Youth Front (RSYF) in Tamilnadu set specific political agenda for every May Day to organise the working class to make conscious of its duty. Hence, for the past two decades, May Day in Tamilnadu is marked with arousing protests, agitations and conferences by PALA. This year, as announced earlier, as part of the one month campaign against Reliance and MNC’s entering in Retail sector, PALA organised the protests encircling Reliance Fresh Shops. The one month campaign had 1,50,000 pamphlets, thousands of posters and wall writings and 25,000 booklets covering all over Tamilnadu but the primary focus was on Chennai as at present Reliance has started shops only in Chennai. The intensive campaign involved the doorstep propaganda in and around areas of Reliance shops.

The arousing march was flagged off by Comrade.Mukundan, President of NDLF and it started from the Koyambedu Market which is at the verge of extinction due to the Reliance entry in Chennai. The fervent slogans raised by the comrades of these organisations exposed the political parties, bureaucracy and Reliance while upholding the Naxalbari Revolutionaries as the only alternative to face the Recolonisation onslaught. The Revolutionary songs of PALA arts troupe roared in the air. Children and women carried the placards defying the scorching heat. The march reached the Reliance Fresh shop at Virugambakkam Market Road one in sense and two thousand in numbers.

The shop was closed expecting the protest and the police were all ready with barricades. Comrade Marudhaiyan, Secretary of PALA and Comrade Kaliappan, Joint-Secretary of PALA gave speeches explaining the movement. As the one-month campaign in various forms already reached the people of that area, they came in large numbers to watch the agitation bearing the three-hour traffic jam. The comrades got arrested 50 yards before the shop. When they all were carried in Police vans, Koyambedu trader’s union designators came to wish the comrades. Comrade.Marudhiyan thanked them and said, “The distance between us and the shop is just 50 yards. But the distance between the understandings of the people on the menace of MNC’s in retail sector and the reality is far more. Our motto at present of this struggle is to reduce that gap. If reliance to be put down, then Koyambedu should rise up!”

The false and confused ideas ruling the minds of people that deter them to foray were not formed by Ambani. These ideas were thrust in by the ruling class, media and political parties with the implementation of Recolonisation from the last decade. When the traders alone raise the slogan to oust the MNC’s, Reliance masquerades in ‘quality and cheaper prices’ and lures the people. But when the fight begins as a fight against Recolonisation then the slogan will become a people’s slogan and the definite moment will arrive.

The recent, spontaneous, laudable struggle of Ranchi vendors shows the desperation of the small vendor class. The land of Birsa Munda atlast showed the way to the country. These struggles should be organised and shouldn’t be allowed to be corrupted with decomposed political parties. People’s movements should be channelised as movements against Recolonisation as a whole and not to fade away as scattered and spontaneous.

photographs of the protest on M ay 01,2007 at Chennai:

*Watch the Video in this post. Thanks to Karumpalakai.

* To read the tamil press clips of the protest read here.
* To read the tamil summary of the thought-provoking speech by Comrade Marudhaiyan, General Secretary, PALA in Public meeting on 27-04-07, read here .
*To hear the speech, click here

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R Udayagiri operation accused released on bail

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 6, 2007

PARALAKHEMUNDI, April 5: Twenty two persons, including two teenage girls who had been arrested by Gajapati police on charges of being involved in the R Udayagiri carnage perpetrated by Naxalites on 24 March 2006, have been released on bail by the additional district judge, Paralakhemundi, yesterday.

In a setback to police investigations, all the 22 accused were released on bail as the prosecution failed to convince the court of the grounds to reject their appeal for bail and to provide adequate evidence in support of the accusation of arson which allegedly resulted in the death of two OSAP constables. Police failed to prove the charges brought against the accused of kidnapping the OIC of R Udayagiri PS and the superintendent of the R Udayagiri Sub Jail.

The SP of Gajapati, Mr AK Sinha, was not available for comments on the development.
According to defence advocate Mr Upendra Nayak police had arrested the accused on the basis of their conjectures inspired by the film Lal Salam with the famous actress Nandita Das acting in the lead role. In fact Nandita Das had decried the arrests which she thought were based on the viewing of the film.

“It is interesting that police have failed to present the two officers who had been kidnapped as their witnesses for once during the course of the trial,” stated Mr Upendra Nayak.

The accused were released with a surety of around Rs 20,000. As in the defence advocate’s argument the name of Nandita Das cropped up several times, the judge asked if the defence could produce the actress as a witness.

All the accused were confined to the Berhampur Circle Jail for security reasons and will be released on Tuesday.
The bail plea had been filed in the matter of 174/06 of JMFC R Udayagiri in Narendra Dengamaka, Muluka Majhi, Prasanta Kadraka and Manoj Majhi Vs State of Orissa and GR66/06 which had Ulesh Rika and 11 others Vs State of Orissa and 67,68,69,70,71,181 and 182/06 with the same accused Vs State of Orissa.

The girls were accused in the case 174/06 Vs State of Orissa and an old man, Dukha Majhi, was arrested under 175/06 for seeing the said movie but was released as police failed to file the charge sheet.

The Statesman

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Job mela for women from today in Tamilnadu

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 10, 2007

Saturday March 10 2007 00:00 IST

DHARMAPURI: The Dharmapuri District Socio Economic Development Association will conduct a job mela for women in association with a Coimbatore-based private spinning mill at the District Sports Stadium on March 10 and 11.

Dharmapuri Naxal Special Duty Wing Police Inspector R Senthil said in a release that based on instructions from Superintendent of Police H M Jayaram, the NSD wing had been assisting the District Socio Economic Development Association in recruiting young men and women for various services, including the uniformed services.

Youths from Naxal-prone villages were being given job opportunities apart from training for competitive exams, he added.

The NSD wing is coordinating job melas to recruit skilled and unskilled labourers for selected industries through the District Employment Exchange. So far, more than 350 youths had been selected from the district for working in hosiery and garments units in Tiruppur and Coimbatore.

On March 10 and 11, the District Socio Economic Development Association would conduct a job mela at the District Sports Stadium. A Coimbatore-based private spinning mill would recruit skilled and unskilled women from Dharmapuri.

The applicants should be in the age group of 18-25 with a minimum qualification of a pass in Class Seven. Their pay scale would be in the range of Rs 2,300 – Rs 3,100 a month.

Applicants should bring their education certificates and proof of residence, he added. Newindpress

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