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Mayawati will fail in Bihar: Left

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 18, 2007

PATNA: As far as Bihar Left is concerned, it is not a whit scared of UP CM and BSP leader Mayawati’s “sarvjana mantra” — “Haathi Nahin Ganesh Hai, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh Hai…” — that did wonders in her home state and catapulted her to power on her own steam.

However, this might not work in the Left terrain in Bihar. Yet, CPI(ML) and CPI have no imagination and inkling to decipher the murky underground or behind the scene political game that the Maoists allegedly play on the eve of elections. For, for more than past one decade, it has been alleged that the Maoists make hard bargain and “sell” votes in their unassailable base areas for a hefty sum.

By corollary, the Left has no clue if the Maoists would break bread with Mayawati or her party in Bihar. There have been instances of political parties or resourceful contestants, whatever their ideological leanings, purchasing votes from the “Maoist Vote Bank” both in Bihar and Jharkhand, most flagrantly since the 1995 assembly elections.

“Even during the just concluded UP assembly elections, the Maoists bargained with Mayawati’s party in parts of Chandoli, Mughalsarai and Mirzapur districts,” said Bihar CPI(ML) state secretary Nand Kishore Prasad, whose party had fielded 34 candidates in UP and somehow managed to retain its share of votes. Prasad added that former CPI(Maoist) commander Kameshar Baitha contested the Palamu byelection on the BSP ticket and mustered the support of the Maoists, though to end up only as a loser.

Otherwise, both the CPI(ML) and CPI leadership maintained that Mayawati would not have much impact even on the Dalit voters in their own base areas. They, however, added that a section of the Dalits, specially the Ravidas sections, could veer around her party, which, in fact, has been happening for sometime past. The BSP has significant presence in Kaimur, Bhojpur, Rohtas and Buxar districts, Prasad said.

The CPI(ML) confidence comes from the fact that the party synchronised Dalit vision with peasant struggles from 1983, the immediate result of which was the massacres heaped on Dalit villages, most virulently from the Lahsuna massacre in March 1984 in Patna district itself. The underground armed outfit of the CPI(ML) would, however, always retaliate. “The Dalits in Bihar, specially under the influence of our party, are unlikely to shift to Mayawati,” Prasad said.

According to CPI state secretary Badri Narayan Lal, almost all the parties in Bihar have their Dalit leaders. “BSP is a regional party specific to UP. The Bihar situation is different. The CPI has a long phase of struggle against feudal elements. Here, the majority of Left’s members are from the Dalit and weaker sections,” Lal said.

Yet, the CPI has begun to pull up its socks. It held the two-day state Dalit Adhikar Sammelan (Dalit Rights Conference) at Khagaria, beginning April 22. A rally was also held. “Now we are going to decentralise it. Such conferences will be held in districts, too. We are planning the programme,” Lal said. What the CPI(ML) started practising from 1983, CPI has started this year. Mayawati would stand checkmated in the Left terrain, where her “sarvajan mantra” is unlikely to work

The Times of India


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Naxalite arrested, firearms recovered in Chandauli; UP

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 9, 2007

With the arrest of a hardcore Naxalite, cops have busted an illegal factory of firearms in a dense forest of Naughar area in Chandauli district during a combing operation on Wednesday. Police have recovered a country-made pistol, parts of sophisticated SLR, wire, explosive material and equipment of preparing and repairing firearms.

The arrested Naxal has been identified as Jai Prakash, a resident of Kharauli area under Chand police station in the bordering district of Bhabhwa in Bihar. Police are gathering more details about the arrested Naxal from the Bihar police.

According to reports, cops were engaged in a routine combing operation in the dense forest of Naughar area on Wednesday when they spotted a suspicious man. When policemen signaled him to stop for checking, he tried to flee but cops arrested him and recovered a country-made pistol of 12-bore from his possession.

During the interrogation, police got vital information about the networking of Naxals in the area. On the revelation of the arrested man, cops busted a factory of illegal firearms in a dense forest area. Cops recovered the upper portion of a SLR gun, thin wire, explosive powder and other equipment.

The SP (Chandauli), Praveen Kumar confirmed the arrest of the Naxal under the Unlawful Activity Prevention Act.

Hindustan Times

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Don’t vote: Naxals tell UP voters

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 30, 2007

Nagwa village, Sonebhadra (UP), Apr 30: Naxals have called for a boycott of polls in parts of Utter predesh, as the State gears for the last two of the seven phases of Assembly elections in the State.

With 52 assembly constituencies heading for the sixth phase polling on May 3, police and local administration are on their tenterhooks, as it would include three Districts of Sonebhadra, Mirzapur and Chandauli, which have considerable axal influence.

The poll boycott call has been issued by releasing pamphlets that ask villagers to vote for particular candidates or not to vote altogether.

Naxals with double barrel country made guns slung on their shoulders can be sighted moving in groups in areas under their domination. For them the heightened security during the run up to the polls has meant little more than a mere curtailment of movement.

The Naxals know when to prowl and send the message across.

“These elections are taking place since the last 58 years. But what have we gained from it.

These elections are meant for capitalists and their goons. The rights of the common people are being overlooked.

None of the democratic parties are bothered about the common man then why should we be concerned about it.

We want elections that are meant for the common people and would work for them,” Rakesh, a Naxal activist with an assumed name, said somewhere in a remote area in Nagwa village of Sonebhadra District.

As police and paramilitary contingents have stepped up patrolling, officials said they would ensure free and fair poll.

“The Election Commission has come out with a special deployment plan for the Naxal-affected areas. It is different from other areas.

It is a special deployment plan which will try to make sure that the Naxals do not affect the polls and that people can vote without fear,” said R.P. Singh, Deputy Inspector General, Varanasi range.

The present election in Uttar Pradesh has been notably different from previous polls when booth capturing incidents and rigging elections were commonplace and the Election Commission was compelled to hold several rounds of re-polling.

The seventh and final phase of poll will be on May 8 and counting will take place on May 11 with most of the results expected the same day.

Daily India News

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Taking on Naxals and benefiting from it

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 25, 2007

SONEBHADRA, APRIL 24: On entering the Naxalite-affected areas of Chandauli, Sonebhadra and Mirzapur your fear will be forgotten for a while. Some of the best village roads in Uttar Pradesh, including the road to Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav’s home Safai, run through these areas. Smooth roads cutting through forests, alongside the Vindhyas and the Gaderia river, are some of the most picturesque views in the Purvanchal the so-called ‘Red Corridor’, and the hills, the forests and the clusters of huts in a distance could be Naxalite hideouts.

But the districts fall

Two weeks ago, a Maoist commander Sanjay Kol—carrying a reward of Rs 1 lakh for his arrest—was killed in an encounter. On Sunday, his wife was picked up by the police. And the fight, what the Maoists describe as state oppression and the government calls terrorism, has led poor tribals to believe that the way out of the situation would be through political empowerment and development.

One such person is Dashrath Kol, Sanjay Kol’s father, who is now contesting from the Robertsganj (Reserved) seat on a Rashtriya Samanta Dal ticket. The older Kol is said to have suffered at the hands of authorities because of his son. But according to some in the Madhupur kasba of Sonebhadra, where the family stays, Sanjay was killed while trying to muster support for his father. Maoist sympathisers do not agree and have called for an election boycott in Chandauli, Sonebhadra and Mirzapur.

“The Maoists are not a threat to common people. Their fight is only with the police,” said Ram Dular, a local. He could be right, for the area is remarkably incident free. The only signs of threat are the police armoured vehicles.

Local CPI(M-L) leaders, often mistaken by villagers and the police for Naxalites, say some of the Maoist cadre are joining them. CPI(M-L) activist Prashant Shukla said after the mainstream Indian Left lost support in the area about 15 years ago, their place was taken by the Maoists.

“We are intervening in the area and some of the Maoist cadre have joined us. Even though there is hype about the Maoist terror, there isn’t much truth in it. But this hype is fetching the police and the administration a lot of funds from the Centre,” he said.

Party General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharyya, who was campaigning in Robertsganj on Monday, said his party has put up 33 candidates in the three districts. According to him, the party is getting reasonable support.

Sonebhadra Superintendent of Police Raghuvir Lal said he has tried to fight the Maoist terror by holding camps with the local people. He has asked his men to establish good relations with villagers by promising them development. The two-pronged approach, to continue with combing operations while trying to inculcate confidence in people, has begun to pay off. “We promise a fair trial to the Maoists who want to surrender. I can tell you that no further recruitment is taking place,” Lal said.

The local population has little time for either the Maoists or the police. The school in Madhupur does function and the teachers are regular, but other facilities barely exist. The hospital is actually a dispensary. The farmers have had a bad year because of an acute water problem and the high cost of fertilisers. Even if they manage to sow their fields, they are hit by the water shortage. The power crisis is overwhelming.

The police, who have the best facilities, which they demand for their fight against the Maoists, say it is endemic: the usual pattern is they get power during the day for a week, and for the next at night.

The districts, where candidates are rarely seen and top political leaders almost never visit, will go to polls on May 3. During election time, talks here focus on the development that has taken place using funds meant for curbing the Naxal menace. Akhileshwar Singh, the village pradhan of Dhansaria in Mirzapur, about 50 km from Madhupur, says: “In the name of fighting Naxalites, a lot of development has taken place in our area. We have good roads and are giving BPL cards to the poor. The police are now better equipped to fight Naxalites.”

The ground reality is that apart from the roads, development is taking place only in pockets. One such example is the upcoming Benaras Hindu University South Campus named after late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The campus is spread over an area of 2,800 acres in Mirzapur. Petrol pumps are coming up right in the centre of what the police will call the ‘Maoist area’. There are branches of the Triveni Kshetriya Gramin Bank in villages and the NREGA has been implemented in the districts.

The police have gained the most, and all police stations in the area have armoured vehicles and better arms. Sabhajit Pandey, the police post in-charge at Rajgarh, says the police feel more confident now. They do not want a repeat of the November 2004 Maoist attack in Chandauli, in which 13 security personnel were killed. That was in retaliation of the killing of 14 Maoists in Bhawanipore in 2001.

As you drive out of the Naxal belt, you realise the importance of caste. Surely for all the talk of development, the alienation of the lower caste is evident. The Maoists, perhaps, still have a constituency after all.

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Major consignment of explosives seized in UP

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 21, 2007

Varanasi, April 21: Police in Varanasi have seized 6,000 detonators and 400 highly explosive gelatin rods from near Ramnagar area.

The explosive were suspected to have been transported by naxalites to disrupt the ongoing Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

A major tragedy was averted as a police team on patrolling duty found these explosive materials lying abandoned in the jungle area late last night, Ramnagar police station incharge D. K. Tripathi, said.

The contraband was found near Vishwasundari bridge situated on the border of Varanasi and Chandauli district.

The seizure of explosives in the area prone to naxal activities points to the possibility that the consignment could have been brought by naxal outfits for carrying out subversive activities and vitiating the Assembly election process in the region, Tripathi said.

Another motive behind the plans of MCC could be to take revenge for the killing of their self-styled zonal commander Sanjay Kol in Chandauli district earlier this week.

Sahara Samay

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Naxalite killed in Lucknow encounter

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 20, 2007

LUCKNOW: A Naxal zonal commander carrying a bounty of Rs one lakh was killed in an encounter in Chandauli district on Wednesday night.

Acting on a tip-off, police team surrounded Sanjay Kol in Chakia area and gunned him down after exchanging fire.

They also recovered an AK-47 rifle, hand grenades and pamphlets from his possession.

A number of cases including loot, murder and extortion were pending against Kol in Mirzapur and Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring Bihar, they said.

The Times of India

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Naxal isue diktat for UP polls

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 20, 2007

Lucknow, April 18: Close on the heels of diktats issued by some dacoits to vote for their candidates during the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, a Maoist group has asked people in naxal-infested areas to elected nominees backed by it.

Distributing pamphlets, Communist Party of India-Maoist has asked people in Sonebhadra, Chandauli and Mirzapur areas to vote for its candidates, who will be in the fray for the sixth phase of elections scheduled for May 3.

Though the Election Commission has so far succeeded in curbing activities of anti-social elements during the first two legs of polls, the naxal diktat has alarmed the state machinery.

Wanted dacoits Dadua and Ambika Patel alias Thokia had earlier asked people to vote for their nominees in Bundelkhand region that goes to polls on April 28.

The CPI-Maoist termed the present government as imperialist and working for welfare of industrialists only.

The group said attempts are on to malign the image of “those fighting for the cause of poor and farmers” and labelling naxalites as terrorists and even killing them in fake encounters.

Terming police and military as puppets of the government “to carry on unabated atrocities on farmers and downtrodden”, the CPI-Maoist also cautioned people against the media which it said was “spreading rumours against naxals so that they were cut off from the public at large”.

It also appealed to the people to deposit licensed as well as illegal fire arms with the party and contest elections by joining it in large numbers and grab power in the state.

A police team had last week raided Pokhariya village in Sonebhadra where Maoists had asked locals to mobilise their votes in its favour, but the naxals escaped. Pamphlets in the name of Nari Mukti Sangathan Tez Karo (expedite women’s freedom group) were also circulated in the area, police said.

In the fifth phase the authorities are also facing a challenge to counter dacoit Dadua’s diktats in favour of his brothers Bal Kumar Patel and R K Patel, who are contesting elections from Patti (Pratapgarh) and Karvi (Chitrakoot) respectively, where elections are due on April 28.

BSP candidate and sitting MLA from Manikpur (Chitrakoot) had already registered a complaint with the EC about Dadua’s attempt to influence elections in the region.

Dadua’s son Bir Singh is chairman of district panchayat of Chitrakoot and is considered very influential in the region.

Thokia, whose mother Pyari Devi Patel is contesting from Naraini (Banda) is also trying to influence the elections.

Meanwhile, state Chief Secretary, Shambhu Nath, and senior home department officials had recently met officials of the troubled areas and gave them strict directions to take necessary measures to deal with an iron hand “any attempts made to affect the elections”.

Home department officials said central paramilitary forces along with state police and PAC personnel would be deployed in these areas to ensure security of voters as well as the candidates. (Agencies)

Chennai Online

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More security for candidates in naxal-infested areas of UP

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 6, 2007

Lucknow, March. 6 (PTI): All the candidates contesting from naxal-infested areas in the coming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections will be provided additional security in view of the killing of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MP Sunil Mahto in Jharkhand.

Alarmed at increasing naxal activities in the state and approaching assembly elections, the Director General of Police held a meeting with top police officials yesterday in which it was decided to provide security to all the candidates, irrespective of their parties, officials said here today.

The candidates would be provided four securitymen, one having carbine and three having self loading rifles (SLR), they said, adding this would be an additional security cover besides routine security arrangements.

At the meeting attended by ADG (Law and Order) and DIG Zone, it was decided that extra vigil should be maintained in naxal-infested Sonebhadra, Mirzapur and Chandauli districts.

All these districts would go to polls on May 3 for which all the district police chiefs had been directed to maintain elaborate security arrangements during visit of VIPs and their rallies and public meetings.

The central forces would be utilised for extensive patrolling with the state police to keep a tab on any naxal activity during election period, they said. The Hindu

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Security stepped up in Naxal-hit areas

Posted by Indian Vanguard on February 24, 2007

SECURITY FORCES have intensified combing operation in the Naxal-affected areas of Chandauli.

According to reports, on receiving a tip-off that the naxalites have stepped up their activities in Naughar area, the district police swung into action.

The security forces led by SP (Chandauli) Pravin Kumar launched a massive operation in the dense forest on the Chandauli-Sonebhadra border on Friday.

The reports said following the pressure from security forces, naxals have moved to some other places in the dense forest of Chandauli.

Besides, security forces were deployed at sensitive police stations to meet any eventuality, the reports said.

Earlier, the Naxals had killed 14 jawans of PAC by blowing up a landmine at Hinaut village under the Naughar police station in Chandauli three years back.

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